My Grown-Up Letter To Santa
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Student Life

My Grown-Up Letter To Santa

A life filled with magic.

My Grown-Up Letter To Santa
Arica Clauson

Dear Santa,

How are you? I'm good. What kind of pets do you have?

Do you remember my letters of innocence and how they started? My Mama raised me to be polite, I wanted to know how you were before jumping into asking for gifts. I remember the sugar cookies left out, the lights of the tree glimmering in the dark near the open fireplace that let birds in, but how else would you get down?

I remember waking up, sitting on the stairs until Dad set up the video camera. He either truly didn't know how to work that thing, or he liked to make us wait. We saw the presents first, of course, but we always ran to the table to make sure you ate the cookies, and then outside to see the carrot bits pressed into the snow from your reindeer.

I remember holding the letters that you wrote back to us, tracing the cursive with my tiny fingers, reading of your home, and Mrs. Claus. I remember the kids at school told me I "believed" for too long, that I was too old.

Life has changed some since we last talked. Our eyes aren't as wondrous, we're tired, there are bills to pay, things are looked at differently. But in true holiday spirit, I thought, what would I write to Santa now?

I'll tell you, I am given gifts daily. Gifts of love, of friendship, of wealth and health, of laughter. Of course, these were things hard to see as children, whose eyes saw gift wrap and glitter, toys and candy. We didn't naturally see our parents smiles as we opened presents, or realize the coats we were zipped up in to play outside. I'm sure I could make a list, Santa, of things I may "need". A vacuum, a new pair of rain boots perhaps, a laptop that isn't six years old.

But I'd rather make a different list. I'd like for my friends and family to be filled with happiness, for their eyes to be wide to new adventures. I'd like for the importance of health to be bestowed upon those close to me, to live long, beautiful lives. I'd like everyone to dream, to use the "gifts' they were born with to bring joy into their own lives as well as others. I'd like the sun to shine and the snow to fall. I'd like everyone to slow down and take a moment and look around to the things they have been so blessed to already have.

Sure, maybe I could pray for these things, ask a higher being, as most do. But you have something I've never stopped believing in-- magic. When a Mother beats cancer for the second time, or a new born baby is brought into the world, or a first home is bought and filled with warmth--- those are the things that are magical, moments that take our breath away, that sometimes happen in ways that are beyond imaginable.

Thanks Santa, for pouring your marvel into young hearts. Thank you for your jolly laughs, your warm nurture, your gifts, and especially for your magic, that continues to stay alive inside us all.

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