As cliché as it sounds, it needs to be addressed: everyone has their own set of laurels and goals for the new year. Some may have had a bit of an off year or had a great year by their standards, everyone strives to outdo themselves the next year. That is the case for me as I feel there are still stones to unturn. These are the five things I wish to accomplish in the year 2019!

1. Hit the 160 lb marker

Working out

If you took a look at me, you would never guess that I used to weight 235 lbs. Since Memorial Day of 2017, I have been on a mission to be as healthy and fit as possible. Right now, I stand at 5'7.5", 167 lbs. By losing close to 70 lbs in 19 months, my goal is to get down to at least 160 lbs and then worry about muscle later. I just want to look like a healthy person with a healthy weight. I have done so by changing my diet and working out a significant amount of times a week. Hey, I've lost 68 lbs, why can't I lose 7 more in 2019?

2. Graduate College

Graduating College

When I started going to college in late August of 2014, I never imagined I would be in a position where I can graduate college. Now that I enter 2019 as a senior in college, it is looking more and more like a dream that can come true that I never thought I could accomplish. Believe it or not, I went through a brief period of turmoil a few years back where I considered dropping out of college. Then, I grew common sense and thought "I made it through high school, I can make it through college. That website won't write for itself in the future!" Speaking of which...

3. Get an internship in journalism


I believe I mentioned this in one of my first articles: I never realized how skilled of a writer I was until my upper-classmen years in high school. Since then, I have gone out of my way to showcase my ability to write to many people and have received both good and bad feedback. However, the one thing I need to do is get my foot in the door with this so I can do this for a career potentially. Luckily, I know a few people that are also in the same field as me so let the talking and interviews begin!

4. Limit how much I spend

Credit Card

It's so tempting isn't it? You bring home a pay check and you want to buy something. Well we all have temptations, but money is no object to take for granted. You need to save your money in order to live on your own in the future. Money isn't everything, but considering I wish to buy a house, move out, and get a new car in the very near future, it's time I start another diet: a credit card diet!

5. Write for Odyssey


I've written for you guys for four months now. I have had a ton of fun and great experience doing it and I wish to continue it for 2019. Hopefully beyond! It is a great resume builder, better than my other two blogs I used to write for, and I really do feel like I write for an official website sometimes. Thank you so much for accepting me on here and let's get the writing underway! It's a new year!

Want to spend another year just sitting around, missing out, and not having a clue as to what you want to do with your life? Make some goals and you will shine! Even if you fail to meet an expectation or goal, it's not the end of the world: there's always next year!