I have taken some time off from writing, but here I am, hoping to come back better than ever. Here we go...

I have always loved having something to work toward - an end point to focus on. I can't give myself too much credit, as I tend to procrastinate like crazy. But, I love knowing that one day, something that I had spent time hoping for in the past, is now the present, and I can move on to hoping and working for something for my future.

It is so easy to be consumed with the thoughts in our heads, and create a fantasy of what could be. I can't even tell you how often I do this, and how unrealistic it gets. I guess that is just human.

But no matter how much I do this, I try to focus on reality as well.

Even though my unrealistic dreams are out of my hand, the realistic hopes that I hold are in my power.

Take a look below into what I hope and dream for in my future.

1. I hope to always be happy, or at least try my best to be

This sure can be difficult at times, but I always try to stay positive, and hope that that will bring happiness in my future.

2. I hope to always embrace who I am, and what I believe in. And I hope to always be proud of that person.

You all should do this too. Two words... self love.

3. I hope to start a family that is filled with love, passion, and happiness. And I hope that that never fades.

A television show perfect, picture perfect relationship and family is my dream.

4. I hope to remain as close as I am today with my best friends and family, for the rest of my life.

I have been so incredibly blessed with all of the people in my life; I could never imagine losing them or even being half as close with them.

5. On a less serious note, I hope to open a coffee shop later in my life that is filled with local artwork and rustic furniture.

We'll see if this one comes true... but if it does, come by for a great atmosphere and a tasty cup of coffee :)

6. I hope to become successful and happy in my career.

Something most people aspire to achieve. I couldn't imagine putting in so much hard work and not having this happen. I hope to do something including graphic design, advertising, and marketing.

7. I hope to live in Colorado, California, and Michigan at some point in my life.

Who knows where my life will take me, but I hope that no matter where that place is, that I will be happy there. I hope to live in one of these places and explore all there is to it.

So that is me.

I hope that one day, these hopes I hold for my future will become my present.