To My Future Sister-In-Law

To My Future Sister-In-Law

I can't wait to marry your brother someday, but I also can't wait to officially be your sister.

Jenna Nelson

I've been in a relationship with my fiancé for about three and a half years now, and I can still remember how nervous I felt when I first met his three older sisters. Winning over parents is easy but winning over a sister, let alone three of them, is nerve wracking.

I walked into a room full of three athletic, goofy, and sarcastic blonde-haired women and immediately, intimidation flushed over me. Fortunately for me, I'm semi-athletic, as goofy and sarcastic as they come, and I'm blonde, so I fit right in and was accepted with open arms into this new sisterhood.

With this new sisterhood, I came to realize that my future sister-in-laws rock. Sister-in-laws have to be at least somewhat cool if they're related to the person you love the most. They accept you as the person worthy enough to be with their brother and take you in as another sister and it's the greatest.

To my three future sister-in-laws and to all future sister-in-laws, here are just a few of the many reasons why we are all thankful for you.

1. Thank you for letting me love your brother.

Whenever we get together, we all bash and make fun of your brother. Whether it be you guys telling embarrassing stories of him as a kid or me telling hysterical drunk stories of him, nothing is ever serious, but on a rare and more serious note, your brother is amazing. He's my best friend, and the greatest friend anyone could ask for. He's what every girl says about their boyfriend and so much more than that. He's a pretty great catch, and I'm honored that you guys chose me as the one your brother should spend the rest of his life with.

2. Thank you for accepting me into your family.

Just because I'm with your brother doesn't mean you guys have to include me, but you guys go above and beyond to treat me like your sister. I feel comfortable at every family gathering because I feel as if I'm already in the family, even though I'm not legally yet. I'm in the family group chat, I get texts and calls constantly, and I feel like I have been in this family my entire life. The point is, you guys did so much more than let your brother be with me. You guys gave me a whole other family and I couldn't be more appreciative.

3. Thank you for teaching your brother how to treat a woman.

Your brother saw all your heart breaks and he definitely learned the "dos and don'ts" of a relationship. Your brother noticed the little things you guys liked like opening the door for you, paying for a date, and holding your hand but he also understood the bigger picture. He genuinely wants to take care of me, protect me, and do everything he can for me. Because of what you guys taught him, he treats me way higher than what I deserve.

Overall, there are many reasons why we should be thankful for our future sister-in-laws. A sister is a lifelong best friend so gaining sisters through marriage is gaining a lifetime of laughs, bullshit, and love.

To Chelsey, Ally, and Meghan, I can't wait to marry your brother someday, but I also can't wait to officially be your sister.

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