Have you ever felt alone? Like the whole world is against you? And the second you think you're about to hit rock bottom, you notice the faces of those who love you? Have your best friends pulled you out of a hard time with a simple smile or joke? Have your best friends ever made you realize how good fo a life you actually have? Friends teach us more than we realize each and every day. Whether it be through actions that we pick up off of one another, conversations, or just through their own being, we truly learn so much from the people we surround ourselves with. So pick your people right, I know I did.

1. Laughter is the best medicine

My friends have taught me that no problem can't be solved through laughter, and I genuinely believe that's gonna be a life lesson I will take to the grave.

2. They are always there to pick me up

My friends have taught me that no matter what happens, I will be loved. I'll be laughed with, cried with, whichever I need, they will be there for me time after time.

3. They are my reason to smile

My friends have taught me that even in the worst of times if I don't give myself a reason to smile, they will.

4. My voice needs to be heard

My friends have taught me to speak my full mind without being scared of judgment. My opinions matter and I am worth so much more than I am willing to accept.

5. But it doesn't always need to be heard over others

My friends have taught me when to stay quiet, too. Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them and trust me, you're lucky if someone is picking you to listen.

6. Little things matter in life

My friends have taught me the appreciation of small things. Looking around at my entire friend-group when everyone is laughing and having fun, I feel nostalgic at the moment, knowing how much I am going to miss each and every face in front of me before it was even gone.

7. Our love doesn't fade

My friends have taught me that no matter how often you talk or see one another, the love doesn't fade. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? They taught me that even though we're from different states, our friendships cannot fade overnight. To stop worrying about losing all my favorite people, because we're all in the same boat.

8. We're here for a good time

My friends have taught me that we are here for a good time, not a long time, so I have to make this time count. Make every moment worth it. Try something new, send the risky texts, eat Insomnia, everything will be okay.

9. Love is the best thing to give

My friends have taught me, most importantly, how to love. How to love myself, how to love one another, how to love this life I've been given.

We all have hard times, we all dig ourselves these holes we can't get out of on our own, but when you have the best friends that I do, you're never alone.

You'll always have someone to hold your hand walking down the escalator because you're scared of heights. You'll always have someone to sing out loud with at random times. You will always have someone to pick you up in your lowest of times because when you're low, they are too. You will ALWAYS have someone to laugh with. Real friendships don't just fade away, but still, make the most of your time with one another while you have it. Love, Laugh, Learn, and say thank you to all your best friends. They deserve it.