Poem: My Flame

consume me

or, rather, you will
I see it coming,
The closer I get to you, the warmer I feel.

And I cannot wait.

Your beauty astounds me
And it radiates like none other.
Even the Sun shields his eyes when he sees you
I am blessed to witness you.

None have ever struck me so sharply,
With such grace and unpredictability.
You tempt me,
almost beyond my wills,
But I know I cannot touch you.

I watch as others enjoy you,
And you crawl all over them.
You are insatiable, they are never enough.
Your body wriggles around them until they are spent,
Until there's nothing left of them.

Then you move on.

You jump from one to the next,
Multiple at a time,
You grow hungrier the longer you live.

It fascinates me.

You are so far away,
You don't even know I exist,
But I am patient,
I know my time will come.

The gods threw me into your life
for a reason.
My purpose is to please you,
To feed you,
To cure your hunger.

I hope for more.
I hope to embrace you,
To hold you tighter than any others possibly could.
I hope to love you.

I hope you love me,
If you are capable.
If I serve you right.

I watch you inch ever closer,
It gets hotter and hotter,
The more I watch you devour.
The more I watch you use them
The more I picture myself being used.

But my will is strong,
I do not touch myself,
I do not waste any of what belongs to you.

After all,
My purpose is to please you.

Time drags on
For an eternity,
But finally you approach me.

I can feel your body heat.
Your aura burns me,
Your beauty blinds me,
I cannot see,
I can hear nothing but the roaring in my ears
Is that your voice or my blood deafening me?

You get closer and closer,
It becomes almost too much.

I know now why they were never enough for you
Why you leave behind nothing but piles of ash.
But I've always been a masochist,
I am ready to be the person you use to feed your addiction.

I want to be thrown away when you're done, like the little slut I am,
Another worthless fuck toy added to the pile.

Finally you see me,
Lying naked in the corner
Waiting for you to command me.

You rush over, your energy reaching me before your body does
You grip onto me.
You crawl on top of me.

You consume me.

It's excruciating,
It's torture

It's ecstasy,
It's orgasmic

Conflicting sensations overwhelm me
I am no longer sentient,
I am nothing but an extension of you
Filled with nerve endings
Set ablaze.

Suddenly, the heavens open up.
It starts to rain
The gods are angry.

They throw dirt on you
They stomp on you
The ground turns to mud
You lose your grip.

I feel myself relinquished from your grasp
I can think again.

I see you start to dwindle
To fade out
I see the remnants of those you've used before swirl around you
Around me
I feel their presence stronger than yours ever was

I watch you die.

You consumed me.
I survived.
I was the only one who did.

You took so many parts of me,
You convinced me I was yours
You told me there was no better way.

I was infatuated,
I was devoted.
I worshipped you.
Now, I see that you were nothing.

You consumed me.
But I will be whole again soon.

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