A Look Back At The First WrestleMania I Ever Experienced
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A Look Back At The First WrestleMania I Ever Experienced

My first WrestleMania.

A Look Back At The First WrestleMania I Ever Experienced

With WrestleMania 32 coming up in Dallas, Texas, the eyes of all WWE fans are leaning towards the Biggest Show of the Year. Being a long time fan of WWE and Pro Wrestling, I can say it is a time of the year that I look the most forward to. I look forward to it even more this year because I will be attending this years event in Dallas at the AT&T Stadium. Many believe that the WWE will set the all time attendance record and are already calling this years event, The Biggest WrestleMania of All Time. Whether or not it will live up to that hype remains to be seen but in preparation for this years event I have chosen to write about my personal experiences with WrestleMania as a whole and take a look back on some of the most significant events and how they have affected me personally.

I felt it was only appropriate to start this off with my first experience with WrestleMania, the first one that I ever watched: WrestleMania 23. It was 2007, I was just beginning middle school and I had just gotten into the habit of watching the WWE on television every week. I tuned in every Monday night for RAW and every Friday night for SmackDown and during this time it definitely felt different. Every week they would show clips of memories from past WrestleMania's and it seemed as though every match had much bigger feel to it. At the time I did not fully understand the grandeur of what WrestleMania was. I did not know the history behind and all the incredible moments that it had created for long time WWE fans


I remember the Main Event feud going into that years event, John Cena, (my favorite wrestler at the time) and the WWE Champion was set to defend his title against the self-proclaimed Showstopper, Shawn Michaels. Michaels earned the name of the Showstopper for the fact that every year at WrestleMania he always stole the show with his incredible ring skills and always sending the fans home happy. I remember rooting for Cena to come out victorious as he was my favorite at the time but I was also a fan of Michaels and was somewhat torn. But I also knew I was in for a spectacle seeing the biggest star in the company take on the greatest performer in the company's history.

The other big match going into that show was the SmackDown World Heavyweight Champion Batista, another favorite of mine, squaring off against The Undertaker. Batista had proven himself a dominant and worthy champion but the Undertaker always shined brighter at WrestleMania and the bigger edge he had on him was the fact that he had never lost at WrestleMania. This was a battle of the titans, the streak versus the title, the old guard against the new guard you name it. I remember being very excited to see who would turn out the victor although I already knew that Taker would come out on top and keep the streak in tact.

But the one match that I knew had everyone's attention, including mine was the Battle of the Billionaires. WWE owner Vince McMahon squaring off against Billionaire (and hopefully not future president) Donald Trump. Both men picked a WWE superstar to represent them and to battle not only to see who was the bigger billionaire but for even more at stake; the loser got his head shaved. Would the evil Vince McMahon be humiliated at his own show or would the Donald finally lose his famous hair? And to make the stakes even higher, they appointed WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin as the guest referee. I remember being so excited to see how this Battle of Egos would turn out.

Being young at the time, I was never able to actually watch the events on pay-per-view, I would just tune into RAW the next night to see what happened. But this time was different, my longtime friend and neighbor Steve had invited me and my brother, Gabe to come over and watch WrestleMania at his house. I remember how excited I was, I was actually getting to watch WrestleMania. Not only would I get to see the three main events but also the other matches like Money in the Bank that had garnered my interest. I can definitely say that night my life as a fan changed forever.

I remember seeing how big Ford Field was and the thousands of people in attendance to witness this spectacle. The show kicked off with the dangerous excitement of the Money in the Bank ladder match and the biggest memory I have from that is watching Jeff Hardy jump off of a 20 ft ladder onto Edge waiting on top of another ladder and seeing the car wreck afterwards. That moment right there showed me how big this event was, the fact that these performers were so willing to put their bodies on the line to send the people home happy. The rest of the show proved to be four hours of great entertainment.

I got to witness the Undertaker and Batista tear the house down with a great battle and witness the Undertaker walk out with the gold. I got pure enjoyment out of watching Donald Trump shave Vince McMahon's head bald in front of the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home. And then of course came the main event and it did not disappoint. John Cena entered the arena in style crashing through the entrance way in a Ford Mustang. He and Shawn Michaels put on a wrestling clinic with many high impact moves ending with the showstopper tapping out the champ proving why Cena was a worthy champion.

After this event concluded, I was left memorized and from that day on I was a die hard wrestling fan and have been one ever since. That event not only lived up to the hype but showed me why WrestleMania is the Biggest Show of the Year. To me it is bigger than the SuperBowl, bigger than the NBA Playoffs, bigger than the World Series. I have always been a wrestling fan and will continue to be until my last breath. This show was what made me realize why I loved wrestling and showed what it was all about. It is an event and moment in my life that I will always hold dear and never forget. If you are a wrestling fan and have not seen this event I highly recommend that you do, it is four hours of your life that is worth spending.

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