We got to the point where my two sisters and I all had to share one bed. I didn't understand why I didn't have my own pillow or bed until I saw how much in debt my parents were in. At one point, all we really had to eat were cups of noodles. By the time I was able to have my own bed, we ended up losing our home. Every year, my family and I have had to move apartment to apartment because the rent prices would keep going up and we didn't have the financial stability to have our own permanent home.

I went to more than five elementary schools and two middle schools. I'm at the point in my life where I now understand why everything that happened, happened. Until this day, my family's financial stability has always had a huge impact in my life (and not in a good way). My parents both currently have two jobs so that I can go to a good four-year university and so that they can afford the townhouse they are currently living in. They wanted me to experience an education that they didn't have the option to when they were my age in Mexico.

In high school, I was a good student. Never got a detention, always getting As and Bs, taking advanced placement courses, and ending with a 3.5 GPA. This was the biggest reason my parents believed in me succeeding in college. Because I had the mindset and determination to succeed at anything I put my heart and head into. And sometimes I asked myself, "Why wasn't I born into a wealthy household?" But then I remembered I have to appreciate what I have, and what my family is able to provide me.

Because of my good standing in high school, I was able to get a scholarship that covered my tuition and fees. I wouldn't have been able to succeed if I would have let my financial stability get the best of me.

In my household, we cherish work. That's why I am now enrolled at the University of Oregon and going for a career in family and human services so that I can help those students that may have grown up in a similar situation.

So for those that may be in a similar situation of not going to a university because of financial reasons, everyone at a point in their life has to make a little bit of a sacrifice for what they want in their future. Because I believe that any effort put into something you're determined to get doesn't go unnoticed and can change the way you see life. I'm glad I didn't stop going for what I wanted and proud to say "I did it."