My Favorite Locations at USF
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My Favorite Locations at USF

These are my favorite locations to be at when i am in the USF campus.

My Favorite Locations at USF

I love the entire campus at USF, I think the campus is beautiful with their amazing building and all of the nature that surrounds the USF campus. But just like many people there are certain spots in the USF campus that I just love and go if I want to relax, study, or just to simply pass the time. In no particular order I will be sharing my top five favorite locations on campus.

1.     USF Botanical Garden

When I first visited the Botanical Garden at USF I feel in love, I thought the place was just beautiful and a sweet place to just spend your time at. Not only do you get to enjoy nature but there are all types of activities and events that go on. USF students only have to pay a dollar, adults are five dollars, senior citizens are four dollars, children between the ages of six and 13 are three dollars, and children under the age of six are free.

1.     Marshall Student Center

This is a very common and lively location at USF but none the less it's a location that I enjoy, for two reasons, the first reason being food, I love food so much and this is one of the main places on campus that has many different types of food. The second reason being it's a nice lace to interact with your fellow students or the staff that works at USF.

1.     Outdoor Theater

1.     Circular outdoor seating

I am not sure if this spot has a name or not but before I discovered it I had walked passed it so many times and didn't realize it was there. This spot is located by the Student Services building. This circular spot is surrounded by trees, and I just love to write my articles and do my homework while appreciating the nature around me.

Castor Beach

Last but not least, another one of my favorite locations at USF is Castor Beach. This is a perfect spot to be at when it is a beautiful sunny day and you want to catch some sun. when I am at this location you will see me on a hammock reading a book, catching some sun, and or listening to music. This a perfect location for you and your friends to just hangout and relax.

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