My favorite Christmas was definitely the one that we had when I was in the seventh grade. Everything was as close to okay as it ever got around there and things were good. There was so much snow on the ground.

I remember worrying about how Christmas was going to turn out because I would constantly hear the arguments between my stepparents about how they were going to manage to afford to buy seven kids Christmas presents. It was a lot of pressure on them, but the day Christmas actually came I think we were all pleasantly surprised. I can still remember the tears that I cried when I opened up the present that had my very first cell phone in there. I was in such shock because I remember my stepfather repeatedly making it a point to let me know that I wasn't going to get a cell phone this year. I had wanted a cell phone more than anything else. Not to mention, a group of people from a church brought each of my siblings and I a huge cardboard box filled with presents for us all!

I still to this day believe that was probably the best Christmas that we ever shared together. There was no arguing, no yelling. We were just all together as a family and we loved each other. I wish every year had been like that one.

Later that night, we ended up having a bonfire party and a bunch of my stepparents friends came over and I was actually allowed to sit outside with the grown ups and join in on adult conversation. I felt so loved that day. If only every day could have been like that.