Being a college student is hard. Especially at this exact moment as I lay on my salsa stained carpet in between my roommate and I's bed which are a solid foot and a half apart. There is also more guac stains then I can count but it's fine. *my eyes are rolling* Even though things are going pretty solid for me I do have a laundry list of complains at this exact moment for the sole reason that complaining makes me feel better. A lot better. So here is the list of things that are bugging me but fixing them would be way too much effort.

1. I'm tired

I know I know there is a very simple solution to this issue, however, I do not want to sleep more. If I sleep more then I'll miss something and from this FOMO infested girl missing something is worse than, well anything!

2. My best friend goes to a different school

Best friend please just transfer. It's annoying that you are across the entire country. Zero out of ten would recommend. Please just live under my bed and then we'll all be happy.

3. I'm getting sick

College is one of those places when you are so sick that you literally can't function but you do absolutely nothing about it. Does it feel like someone is burning me when I try to swallow... yes of course it does but when do I go to the medical center? I'd rather just sleep. Oh, wait.

4. My phone's battery

Can I please just have an infinite battery on my phone and computer it's actually getting so annoying. I know that my charger is less than 10 feet away from me but omg please it's insane how much effort that is.

5. I want a dog in my room

I miss my dogs and I need one to love me unconditionally at all hours of the day so who can I talk to about that? I want a dog with none of the responsibility. Is that too hard to ask?

6. My room is cold

Do I like my room cold? Yes, when it's hot I feel like I'm going to be sick. But can it just be neither hot nor cold but colder than it is hot? Is that really too much to ask?

7. Can more than one episode of "Grey's" come out

I don't love this whole waiting a full week to see what happened on greys anatomy thing. I like watching full series at once and being able to google things so I don't have to wait and see. Watching shows that are currently on the air is so annoying.

8. The showers

I do not care how clean the communal showers seem to be. I will never ever feel really clean after using them. There is something about the hair that is not mine that covers the walls that just irks me more than I could ever explain.