A staple that defines summer every year is blasting summer music. I can't even count the number of times my friend Maddie and I blasted our favorite country bops driving to a custard place 30 minutes from our houses this summer. While Maddie drove, I would always queue different songs. For some reason, I always happened to add many Luke Combs and Thomas Rhett songs on the queue. At first, I thought it was because they were both coming out with new songs. I then realized that I may have discovered a correlation between them.

Now, it's important to note that the style of country Luke Combs does is different than Thomas Rhett's. Thomas Rhett's songs are definitely more country-pop compared to Combs. From "Look What God Gave Her," to "Life Changes," to "Craving You," which are songs that I jam out to or could even dance silly to with all my friends. When you compare these songs to Luke Comb's "Beer Never Broke My Heart" or "When it Rains it Pours," you may be thinking there is no correlation between the two artists at all. When I listen to Luke Combs, every emotion in my body is hit in the feels. Pretty different from the vibes Thomas Rhett's music gives me. Maybe you are right. The titles show no correlation whatsoever of the two artists. It's when you look into the lyrics that show how similar they really are.

As I started listening really closely to the lyrics of their songs, both country artists are out here making girls hearts melt, and writing about love and emotion. Compare "Look What God Gave Her" and "Beautiful Crazy." Yes, there are two completely different beats. "Beautiful Crazy" is slow, and "Look What God Gave Her" is upbeat. It's the meaning behind the lyrics that makes the artists similar. Both of them sing about how amazing this girl is. "The way that she dances, ain't afraid to take chances" (Luke Combs) "The way that she moves. How could anybody blame her?" Both of these songs are referring to how amazing the girl is, and more specifically referring to dancing.

My theory is that although Luke Combs and Thomas Rhett are two different types of country artists, the meanings behind so many of their lyrics are similar. Honestly, both their lyrics hit me in the heart. My conclusion is that Thomas Rhett is a country-pop version of Luke Combs. They have completely different voices and beats to their music, but they both have similar messages behind their lyrics.

With summer coming to an end, that doesn't mean country music is. I will continue to listen to Luke Combs and Thomas Rhett, and my heart will continue to melt each time I listen to their lyrics.