My City Isn't In Carnage: A Response To President Trump

My City Isn't In Carnage: A Response To President Trump

"I'm impressed with the people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work." - Michael Douglas


Recently, President Donald J. Trump threatened the city of Chicago with the F.B.I. He claims that due to our history of violence, our city is total "carnage". He even claimed that there was a shooting on the day of his inauguration. However, representatives from the Chicago Police Department confirmed that there were no shootings at all on the day of the inauguration. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been fighting Trump's emphasis of bringing the Feds to Chicago.

As a Chicago native, I can assure President Trump, that yes, our city does have a history of violence. At one point we were considered to be the murder capital. However, violence doesn't only take place in Chicago, much less in urban environments. Violence is everywhere; in the largest of cities and smallest of towns. Not one place is safe.

If Trump was so concerned about urban violence, then he would stop making plans to fund that stupid wall, and make plans to fund programs to help keep people off the street, and help people get out of poverty. That money for that stupid wall can go towards after school programs that can keep kids off the street while teaching them about the arts. That money for that stupid wall can go towards government programs to help levitate the stresses of low-income families.

So President Trump, Chicago doesn't need for you to enforce Marshall Law on us. We need our Mayor to help fight your ignorance, and keep our city safe, and keep our city a sanctuary city. We Chicagoans are tough, and we won't go down without a fight.

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