My Bucket List for the 2020's
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My Bucket List for the 2020's

Hopefully, they will inspire a jump start in creating your own bucket list for the decade.

My Bucket List for the 2020's

A bucket list is a great way to set goals of the things you want to do before you die. One of the biggest pros of them are that they can be both short-term and long-term, since you have your whole life to do them. For me, at least, breaking down my bucket list into several decades can give me a deadline and can have me set my long-term goals. Since there are way too many things on my bucket list for this decade alone, here are only a few of them. Hopefully, they will inspire a jump start in creating your own bucket list for the decade.

1. Go to More Concerts and Broadway Shows

Everybody loves a good concert or live theatrical event, but they can be so expensive. Now that I am one year out of college with my student loans almost paid off, I can be able to go to more concerts and Broadway musicals than I did prior to graduating. And with an entire decade ahead of me, I can save up my money to go to as many as I would like.

2. Publish My Books

I had lots of ideas for books since college, but was not able to act upon them until after I finished classes. One of my books is currently in the editing process, so it is only a matter of time until my first book gets published. I have many ideas for books, fiction, nonfiction, and chapbooks, and I would love to share them with the world.

3. Travel Outside the Country

I have a confession to make; I have never traveled outside the United States before, let alone travel outside the east coast. Now that I have more connections when it comes to travel than I did five years ago, I can be able to get my passport together soon and travel around the world with my loved ones.

4. Become a Sex Educator for Teens With Developmental Disabilities

As someone with a developmental disability with a deep interest in sex, I understand how this demographic tends to be super vulnerable when it comes to sexual situations. No parent likes to talk about sex with their children, but when it comes to children with developmental disabilities, they are twice more to avoid the conversation. I want to break all these stereotypes and give developmentally disabled teens the information they need so they do not put themselves in a vulnerable sexual situation.

5. Pursue My Modelling Career

Friends and family members would often tell me how I should be a model, and I wanted to become a model since I was in sixth grade. I found someone who gave me a few tips when it came to jump starting my career and getting my portfolio put together, so getting my modelling career starting is one thing I am super excited for.

6. Swim With the Dolphins

This one may sound like a cliche, but I would love to swim with the dolphins one day. I always loved the ocean ever since I was little, and every time I would see someone in a movie or on television swim with dolphins, all I could imagine is myself doing the same.

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