An Open Letter To My Best Friends

An Open Letter To My Best Friends

Best friends are the greatest of all blessings.

Some people have one best friend, and some people have five best friends. I have a few best friends that I know I can go to with anything and everything. There is something to be said for the most important people in your life: the friends that make you feel safe , even if you are far away from them. They make everything seem a little better somehow. They know who they are, and they deserve some recognition, so here it is!

I am so thankful to have best friends who will listen to me rant about a boy that I won't kick to the curb even though they have told me a million times that he is not the one. They listen to me talk about how I don't like how certain people do certain things. They listen to me complain about how tired I am, and how sick I am, and how terrible my life is. I always have something negative to say about something, and it is nice to have someone listen to everything even though it may be about nothing. College is full of people who will lie like it is nothing. I am thankful to have besties who always take up for me and believe me when I say something. Thank you for convincing me what's best for me (like forcing me to go to the doctor when I am sick, going to class, and going to work out). When your parents aren't at college with you to remind you to keep your head on your shoulders, having your best friends step in can be the next best thing.

I am thankful to have different friends that I know I can go to for different things. I have one friend that will tell me how it is no matter what, one who consoles me when I feel like crap about myself, and one who is just like me and will tell me exactly what she would do in the situation. The beauty of having more than one best friend is that you always will have someone there for you. So thank you. Thank you for random road trips to go shopping at Dirt Cheap, riding out to the refuge and just talking for hours, or just watching a movie on Netflix with me when I don't feel good. Your good friends know a lot of stories about you, but you best friends lived them with you and are a part in them- and my best friends are.

Basically, I don't know what my life would be like without a few non-blood family members. I love waking up every morning knowing I can call one of my best friends up and we go on a spur of the moment adventure somewhere. Transitioning from high school to college is not easy, and having best friends that care about you and would never judge you really plays a huge part in a person's life. Friends grow into best friends, and best friends are for life. Thank you for being such an important part of my life.

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To The Friends I Won't Talk To After High School

I sincerely hope, every great quality I saw in you, was imprinted on the world.


So, for the last four years I’ve seen you almost everyday. I’ve learned about your annoying little brother, your dogs and your crazy weekend stories. I’ve seen you rock the awful freshman year fashion, date, attend homecoming, study for AP tests, and get accepted into college.

Thank you for asking me about my day, filling me in on your boy drama and giving me the World History homework. Thank you for complimenting my outfits, laughing at me presenting in class and listening to me complain about my parents. Thank you for sending me your Quizlets and being excited for my accomplishments- every single one of them. I appreciate it all because I know that soon I won’t really see you again. And that makes me sad. I’ll no longer see your face every Monday morning, wave hello to you in the hallways or eat lunch with you ever again. We won't live in the same city and sooner or later you might even forget my name.

We didn’t hang out after school but none the less you impacted me in a huge way. You supported my passions, stood up for me and made me laugh. You gave me advice on life the way you saw it and you didn’t have to but you did. I think maybe in just the smallest way, you influenced me. You made me believe that there’s lots of good people in this world that are nice just because they can be. You were real with me and that's all I can really ask for. We were never in the same friend group or got together on the weekends but you were still a good friend to me. You saw me grow up before your eyes and watched me walk into class late with Starbucks every day. I think people like you don’t get enough credit because I might not talk to you after high school but you are still so important to me. So thanks.

With that said, I truly hope that our paths cross one day in the future. You can tell me about how your brothers doing or how you regret the college you picked. Or maybe one day I’ll see you in the grocery store with a ring on your finger and I’ll be so happy you finally got what you deserved so many guys ago.

And if we ever do cross paths, I sincerely hope you became everything you wanted to be. I hope you traveled to Italy, got your dream job and found the love of your life. I hope you have beautiful children and a fluffy dog named Charlie. I hope you found success in love before wealth and I hope you depended on yourself for happiness before anything else. I hope you visited your mom in college and I hope you hugged your little sister every chance you got. She’s in high school now and you always tell her how that was the time of your life. I sincerely hope, every great quality I saw in you, was imprinted on the world.

And hey, maybe I’ll see you at the reunion and maybe just maybe you’ll remember my face. If so, I’d like to catch up, coffee?



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Sandra Bullock Is More Than Just The Lady From Bird Box

How dare you call her just the lady...?


Sandra Bullock is the lead actress of the new Netflix movie Bird Box. This movie has received so many good reviews. Also, there has been memes on social media about the movie. It's become very popular, so even people who haven't seen the movie know about the movie. For example, a meme would say:


However, there was this one disrespectful tweet.

This generation does not know who Sandra Bullock is. This is wrong because Sandra Bullock amazing. People watched Bird Box and discovered who Sandra Bullock was. I watched Bird Box because of Sandra Bullock. She is the reason why I had a great childhood. Let's not forget about all the movies that made her famous. There's many: A Time to Kill, Hope Floats, Practical Magic, Miss Congeniality, Two Weeks Notice, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, The Proposal (one of my favorite movies), The Blind Side, The Heat, Gravity, and Ocean's 8.

All these movies are the best of the best and this generation needs to watch these movies to realize that Sandra Bullock isn't just the lady from Bird Box. She is an extraordinary actress and human being, and her greatness should be recognized. Period.

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