I believe that our soulmate can come in the form of a friend. For me, this has held true with my best friend, Sarah. Sarah has always been somebody I admired, even before we were friends. She is kind to everyone she meets and makes people feel welcome. So, Sar, get ready to cry because I already am.

Sarah has been in my life through some of my worst times. She has received phone calls when I am crying in my dorm room because I feel hopeless and she always picks up. She takes time to listen to me and provides a shoulder to cry on. As a best friend, she always offers girls nights filled with "The Bachelor" and a tub of ice cream just to take our minds off of what is going on. She hears me complain about the same thing a thousand times, and offers advice (that I really should take) every single time. Sarah is a strong woman. Just as I have faced my own struggles, so has she. She has remained strong through tough times and learned to grow from it in a positive aspect. Sarah always wishes the best for other people and is always positive. Staying positive is hard for many people, but she makes it look easy.

My favorite thing about Sarah is her pure love for life. She lives in the now, which is something I often forget to do. I am always reminded that life is such a beautiful gift when I get to spend my time with her and our friends. We want to live our best lives (like Indy Blue) and travel the world, seeing everything and helping people along the way. Sarah always finds a reason to be grateful for this life we are given. She has hope for the future and is excited to see where life takes her. This gives me inspiration and I am so grateful to be a part of her journey.

Best friend, you deserve the world and more than I could ever fathom and I cannot wait to see you go get it.

I love you,

Your Biggest Fan