My Best Friend Is Dating My Ex Just One Month After We Broke Up, And I'm Not OK With That

When you get out of a relationship it's hard enough to get over your ex, regardless on if it was years or just a couple months.

My best friend started talking to my ex a month after we broke up.

At first, we thought it was a foolproof way on getting details on why he dumped me without him knowing. It worked, she manipulated details on why he and I didn't work out. He had no idea that she and I knew each other let alone were best friends. Little did I know while I thought it was all pretend for her, she caught feelings. They started dating shortly after and it sucks when the person I was supposed to be able to go to during this hard time was off with the guy who caused the pain.

He told her stuff about me that wasn't totally true, and she believed him.

While I and she are still close having him being part of our lives still makes it nearly impossible to move on. It's not like I want him back or anything it's just that when I thought he had moved on I didn't realize it was with someone so close to me. I still get jealous of her even though it's not my place to. I know it's because I see how happy they both are and I and he never had that. I know the jealousy comes from knowing that the same pickup lines he used on me he did her and it worked.

Our things became their things and it was like watching someone live the life you were supposed to have.

I always felt like I had to compete with her when we were dating and now that we aren't I find myself competing for a prize I can't have. I don't blame him though, she is gorgeous, funny, and amazing.

I can't help but wonder if it wasn't for her if we would still be together.

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