My Before 25 To-Do List
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My Before 25 To-Do List

I've got a lot to work on.

My Before 25 To-Do List

Freshman year of high school, English class students were given a bucket list project; a list of things we wanted to do before we die. I enjoyed the project and all, but the list just lacked motivation for me; after all, I (hopefully) have many years before I die, so there is just little incentive to do anything on the list right now. Having said that, I know there are multiple things that I'd like to do before the age of 25, when I'm in the beginning stages of being a full-blown adult. With that being said, I've narrowed it down to 10 things I'd like to accomplish before I turn 25.

1). Attend a concert of an older artist

I've been an ACDC fan since I was little, and in the past year I've become a huge fan of both Elton John and Billy Joel. It's no secret that the two are getting older, and ACDC is rapidly losing members for a band that has been playing for 40 years. That being the case, before I turn 25, I would like to go to a concert of any of the three.

2). Publish a novel

Earlier this year, I began seriously working on my first novel, and it's been a long process thus far. I'm still not even done with the first chapter, and that alone has taken near two weeks to meet my standards. So while I should be done with it within the next seven years, it'd be really nice if I actually had a goal to motivate me to stick to the deadline. Considering that being a novelist is my ideal career, this goal really is more practical than an actual "dream" accomplishment.

3). Sell at least one copy of said novel to someone who is not family

As stupid as it may sound, I would consider my publication a minor success if I managed to sell even one book to someone who isn't related to me. To me, that sale would make me a true author. With that in mind, I would still be happy if a family member wanted to buy my book. It's still nice, but somehow isn't the same; I know it wouldn't be pity or anything of the sort, but maybe a feeling of obligation?

4). Go on a spring break/ summer trip with friends

Even with the knowledge of my introvert nature, it's still hard to believe that all throughout high school, I never once took a trip with any of my friends. Even typing that seems a bit odd; 18 years old never having taken a trip down south with anyone. I just had to sit through each break, looking at pictures of seemingly everyone else enjoying the warm weather. Maybe once I'm in college trips will be somewhat easier to plan.

5). Go to a local poetry slam

This one is a bit weird, because it's something that before this year, I never had any interest in. Before this, I had actually consistently mocked poetry slams for their (for lack of a better term) hipster nature. After watching a few videos on Youtube though, the atmosphere seems very close-knit and relaxing. Being perhaps the easiest item on this list to complete, I look forward to my first poetry slam experience.

6). Take a road trip to the west coast

I've never really been sure what the specific allure of the western coast is, but I've always wanted to go and take a walk on the beach there. I would like to believe that I would also really enjoy the atmosphere on the west coast, but I suppose I'd just need to find that out. And who know's, maybe I could travel with friends, to knock two of the items off of this list at the same time.

7). Learn to surf

Now while I don't think I'll actually ever accomplish this, it is a really nice thought. Growing up, I always thought surfing was incredibly cool. I just loved the idea of spending the whole day at the beach, catching waves and absorbing the sun. It just seemed like paradise, and for the most part, it still does.

8). Buy a tailored suit

There really isn't much to this one; I want to walk into a high-end men's clothing store and have a suit tailor made for me. When I had a tux modified for prom, I loved every second of the tailoring process, and I felt great wearing the tux. I know this would cost a lot, but I would make me happy.

9). Go to a Green Bay Packers game in December/ January

Anyone who knows me should already realize that I love the Green Bay Packers, and that I think they're the greatest sports organization. On the opposite side of this love for the Packers, is my blatant hatred for the winter and all of its villainy. Unfortunately, Lambeau field is known as "The Frozen Tundra" so it only seems right that I attend a game during the winter. It really sucks that I would have to keep in mind that the coldest game played at Lambeau had a windchill of -46 degrees.

10). Meet a Packers player, get an autograph

Going off of my love for the Packers organization, I would really love to meet Packers players in real life, and maybe get an autograph. Ideally, it would be players like Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Mike Daniels, or Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. However, I wouldn't even turn down an autograph from an offensive lineman. Staying realistic though, I'd probably be too nervous to ask for a picture, let alone an autograph.

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