Top 5 Best Places To Eat Near FSU's Campus If You're Bored Of Your Dining Plan

Now that everyone has been at school for a few months, you have probably grown tired of eating at Suwannee or constantly cooking. Eating out is not the most practical choice, but some days it's nice to have some different options. Here are some of my favorite places I found near campus for when I just don't feel like cooking.

1. Spear It!

Spear It! is one of the most well-known restaurants near campus. It has a variety of different options if you like American food. My personal favorite is their chicken tenders. This is a great place to go on game day, just be prepared to wait.

2. Little Masa.

Little Masa is one of the many different restaurants in Collegetown. This is definitely one of my favorites and the one restaurant I am constantly at. If you are looking for really good and decently priced Chinese food, definitely check it out.

3. Tin Lizzy's.

Right next to Little Masa is Tin Lizzy's. Tin Lizzy's is a popular Mexican restaurant amongst students. I tried it during my first week here and I really enjoyed it. It can seem a bit overpriced, but I have seen some good deals from them on Taco Tuesday.

4. The Sweet Shop.

If you go to FSU, you probably have heard or been to the Sweet Shop before. Now I have never tried their food but, I hear amazing things about it. Personally, I always love to go for their coffees. Their frappes are my absolute favorite. Depending on when you want to go, it might be busy so don't plan on eating here if you are in a rush.

5. 1851.

While 1851 is still an on-campus dining location, it has a lot of great options for lunch. 1851 is home to Tally Mac Shack, Tuscan Eatery, and J Street Grill. With so many options, you are sure to find something you like.

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