'Good Trouble' Is Hands Down A Good Time And A Must Watch Show This Summer

Freeform's popular show "Good Trouble" came back for season 2 this week and the premiere did not disappoint. When I saw the previews for season two, I binge-watched the entire first season so I could be caught up on the show. The premise of the show is that sisters, Callie and Mariana, move to LA to start new careers. Upon their arrival in downtown Los Angeles, things go from bad to worse in every aspect for them. They are both working cutthroat jobs and life is not as they anticipated it.

I will try not to put a lot of spoilers in this because this is a show that people really should be watching. The reason why it is so good, aside from lots of drama because who doesn't love that, is that the cast and plot tackles many controversial topics in today's world. One of the first things that the show depicts, is discrimination based on sex in the workplace. Mariana is a female engineer and finds that not only is she clearly outnumbered by her male counterparts but that they think she is incapable of being as successful as them. She has to work twice as hard and fight for more equality in the tech world that she works in. Talk about girl power. Her sister, Callie, works as a clerk in a law office with a judge who is on a case dealing with the shooting of an unarmed black man who was killed by police officers. Her judge clearly has different political viewings than she does, and she battles with her own feelings of what is right in order to keep the job and not do anything illegal during the trial.

Aside from the two main characters struggles and conflicts, the show tells the stories of all the individuals who live in their apartment building as well. These stories address things like the character Alice who is trying to figure out how to come out to her parents and the world as gay. Or Gael who is bisexual and trying to get a grasp on what he wants relationship wise, all while being a struggling artist. Other stories include a man who deals with suicide and depression or a woman who is finding self-respect because she fell in love with a man who was still married. The show also addresses Malika's story as she was taken from her alcoholic mother by CPS as a child.

ABC was not afraid to talk about issues that people face in our society with this show. In addition to the plot following all of the character's love lives, the series does not shy away from things like racism in the workplace, discrimination of transgender people, or the black lives matter movement. This is a show everyone should watch because it shows that life isn't always easy and people from all walks of life face struggles and battles in their own right.

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