Your Fashion 'Must Haves' For Fall 2016
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Your Fashion 'Must Haves' For Fall 2016

See which of your favorite trends from last year will be returning, and what new trends are to come.

Your Fashion 'Must Haves' For Fall 2016

Fall is quickly approaching, and I personally could not be more excited.

Fall is by far my favorite season, cliche as it might be, for many reasons: Football, pumpkin flavored or scented anything, drinking coffee on my walk across campus with out breaking a sweat, cute home decor and Halloween decorations, cooler weather, wearing dark and warm colors, and cozy sweaters that you don't have to talk off the second you step outside.

Fall fashion is one the biggest reasons I adore September, October and November. Over half of my wardrobe, probably closer to seventy percent, is cool weather clothing. My closet is designed for the Fall and Winter seasons. This is a tad ironic, due to the fact that I live in Texas, -- a state that experiences hardly any cold weather -- but what can I say? I just can't help myself.

So, If you're anything like me, and are looking forward to the fantastically-Fall apparel that will soon be back on campus, here are your 'must haves' for 2016:

Statement Fur

Fur made strong appearances on Fall fashion runways, and I don't believe that they are going anywhere. This trend started to pick up on college campus' last Fall, and I am expecting an even bigger come back this year. Whether it be a jacket, a vest, a purse, or scarf -- get you some statement fur, and turn that cement on campus into a runway.

Dusty Rose Everything

I may be a tad bias, since this is one of my favorite colors to wear and see in fashion right now, but none the less, a dusty rose sweater or two is a must have for your cool weather wardrobe this year. Plus, this is an excuse to wear your ABH 'Dusty Rose' liquid lipstick every day, so who can complain?

Cute Chokers

Chokers have been making a re-appearance this year, and Fall will be no exception. I was a tad hesitant to follow this trend, but have recently jumped on the band wagon. Statement chokers decorated almost every model on the runway for this Fall, so I don't see this trend going anywhere. Head on over to Charlotte Russe and pick yourself up a few -- they're two for $10! Again, you're welcome.

Fall Florals

Florals are usually a cliche spring go-to, but vibrant florals on black fabric or velvet florals covered the Fall fashion runways. So, don't be afraid to pull out your floral tanks this Fall and layer them with solid colored cardigans and scarves. At least some of your Spring wardrobe will be multi-purposed this year.

Metal Details

It's like body jewlry, but better! Metal detailings on clothing items are going to be the next big thing in designer brands, and they were fairly prominent in Fall runways shows for 2016.

Terrifically Tan

Tan sweaters, tan scarves, tan jackets, tan gloves, tan boots, and tan anything you could imagine. You cannot have too much tan in your wardrobe this Fall.


All velvet everything, all velvet everything! This is your go-to-fabric this season. Designers could not get enough of it on the runway for their Fall collections.

A Navy Overcoat

These are a Fall must have, because they can be dressed up or dressed down. They go with almost anything, and are the perfect way to stay warm during the cooler months of the

Disc Rings

I am seriously in love with these. Where them on their own or stack them with twelve of your other favorite rings; Either way, these may become your new favorite accessory.

Majestic Maroon

I wear this color year around, personally, and it is one of my favorite colors to add to my closet. Maroon has always been a Fall fav, and the Maroon-craze really took off around this time last year. According to recent fashion shows, you don't have to get rid of your deep red clothing items quite yet; Maroon is coming back, bigger and better than ever this Fall.

Olive Green

Similar to the Maroon-craze, the Olive-Green-craze shortly followed the same path; Deep tones of green will be making a triumphant return as a Fall fashion trend this year.

Magnificent Midi

Pair a midi-boot with some high-rise skinny jeans and you're golden (or with anything really).

Signet Rings

These are a perfect addition to a cute and cozy outfit. The ones pictured above are Dior and are roughly $394 a piece, but there are definitely cheaper ones that can be found pretty much anywhere you can buy costume jewelry at. These rings are also easily stackable, and look cute with pretty much anything.

Bomber Jackets

Seriously, you can pair a bomber jacket with almost anything. Casual, dressed up or even in sweats, your bomber jacket will still be the perfect addition to your ensemble this Fall.

Retro Shaped Glasses

I am fully in support of this trend. I personally have two pairs now, and they have become an every day necessity. People watching on campus has also become much easier behind a pair of shades, and I feel like they let people know that you are just not in the mood to be messed around with when you're having an off day. I rate this upcoming Fall trend a ten out of ten.

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