Amika Volume and Matte Texture Spray

Origin: Brooklyn, New York

Product standards


Cruelty- free

Free of Phthalates/ sulfates/ & artificial colors


Zeolite – this negatively-charged mineral fights frizz, detoxifies hair and builds long-lasting volume and texture.

Rice Starch – a light powder that absorbs dirt and oil and adds volume and texture.

$25 available at Sephora and online at with 15% off your first purchase

Acure Brilliant Brightening Facial Scrub

"Allure 2016 Best of Beauty winner"

Origin: Family owned, USA made

Product Standards

Sustainable principles

Free from animal testing/ parabens/ sulfates/ phthalates/ synthetic fragrances/ harmful preservatives/ artificial colors


Sea kelp super- nutrients soften & detoxify

Lemon peel & French green clay cleanse without stripping away natural moisture

Madonna lily brightens

$9.99 available online via Vitacost

Eco Lips Mongo- Kiss Acai Berry lip balm

Origin: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Product standards

USDA organic

Fair trade certified


Cruelty free


Mongongo Oil is high in Vitamin E and other nutrients perfect for nourishing skin.

Mongongo oil is used as a body rub by the !Kung bushmen of the Kalahari to cleanse and moisturize their skin, and protect it against the harsh desert environment

Cocoa Butter infused with Mongongo Oila nutrient rich oil from Zambia, Africa.

$2.79 Available online at Eco Lips

Origins Active Charcoal Mask

Origin: Created by the son of Estee Lauder

Product standards

100% renewable resources sourced for every formula

100% biodegradable materials


Bamboo Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers

White China Clay absorbs environmental toxins

Lecithin dissolves impurities. Red clay mask

$28 available at Origins/ Sephora/ & Ulta

Tom's Botanically Bright Toothpaste

Origin: Maine, USA

Product standards

No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

Not tested on animals

Fluoride free



Brushing with Tom's of Maine Botanically Bright™ gives your mouth a foamy, clean feeling, tastes great and helps whiten your teeth by removing surface stains.

Available in Spearmint with Aloe & Chamomile and Peppermint with Xylitol and Propolis.

$4.99 available at Target