7 Must-Follow Social Media Accounts for Christians
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7 Must-Follow Social Media Accounts for Christians

Sorry, Sadie Robertson Huff isn't one of them.

7 Must-Follow Social Media Accounts for Christians

I've come to the realization that with the amount of time I'm spending on social media these days, I should make sure most of what I'm seeing, outside of my friends' posts, is wholesome Christian content. Following Christian accounts is an easy way to see the Gospel multiple times a day and learn new things about it. It obviously doesn't replace picking up your Bible daily, but it can supplement it. So these are seven accounts/people you should check out and throw a follow, if you feel so inclined.

Jackie Hill Perry


JHP is a writer, influencer, lover of food and Jesus (not in that order). She's the mother of two beautiful daughters (and pregnant with another) who are regularly featured on her Instagram, and wife to Preston Perry. The Perry family also has a YouTube channel and podcast, both titled "With The Perry's." JHP is the author of "Gay Girl, Good God" where she chronicles her struggle with homosexuality and surrendering her life to the Lord. She pulls no punches when discussing Scripture and is an amazing teacher (and student) of the Word, but she is also a mom and wife so her family posts are very fun and heartwarming. I highly recommend checking her out.

The Gospel Coalition


This is an amazing global ministry with so many resources for Christians looking to learn. This Instagram posts daily verses and highlights interesting articles or podcast episodes. Their website has lots of articles that are very timely and modern while providing proper biblical insight and comparison. They also offer a bible study of every book and chapter of the Bible. More amazing than all of that, however, is that all of these resources are FREE. You can also check them out on YouTube.

Pro Church Media


If you like graphic design and art, this account is hand-made for you. It features graphics of a variety of verses and messages from designers across the globe and across denominations. I will warn you that they post quite frequently but filling your feed with awesome Bible verse art is not necessarily a bad thing.

Desiring God


Like TGC, this is a platform developed by John Piper, chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minneapolis, MN. They post a snippet on the instagram every day from an article on their website and they're chocked full of Biblical insight.

Youth Pastor Co.


Although this is basically a Christian meme page, it's a real ministry providing support and resources to youth pastors through sermon series', graphics, and merch. They also recently developed a party game, similar to Card Against Humanity, called Cards Christians Like. All around, this account is just clean Christian fun and I highly recommend you give them a look.

Hope Heals

This is Katherine and Jay Wolf's Instagram, named after their first book and life motto. Katherine was a model and Jay was a lawyer when Katherine suffered a life-altering stroke at the age of 26. Their story (and Instagram) of hope and faith is absolutely inspiring and I have both of their books (Hope Heals and Suffer Strong) on my must-read list. Their website is full of resources for children with disabilities and study guides for their books. Definitely give them a follow.

Your Church


Seriously, follow the church you attend. It really helps them when you interact with their social media and support them in ways other than just showing up on Sunday. It also helps you stay informed with what's going on in the life of the church because if you're anything like me, you can get easily distracted during the announcements on Sunday morning. So show them some love wherever they have a profile!!

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