13 Black Christian Influencers That You Should Be Plugged Into
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13 Black Christian Influencers That You Should Be Plugged Into

Here are some influencers that will impact your life positively as a follower of Jesus.

13 Black Christian Influencers That You Should Be Plugged Into

We spend a lot of time on social media, so we should be connecting with people who will allow us to grow positively. It is imperative that you are careful about what you allow to be invested in your spirit.

Here is my shortlist of people who have affected me in a great way and helped me learn a lot as a Christian.

1. Crowned In Faith

Nia-Cerise Conteh is such a powerhouse and I honestly believe that she was ordained by God to wake up the youths of our generation from our complacent lifestyle. She brings her message so strongly and with great conviction to her viewers without any shame. Nia-Cerise is a young adult who is a speaker in the UK and a student in the university currently getting her Master's Degree. Her content covers topics like evangelism, the giftings of the Holy Spirit, and how to walk boldly and serve Jesus Christ. She does not bow down to cowardice of any form and so does not water down her love for Jesus to please anyone. If there is one thing you can take from her YouTube channel, it would be to serve Jesus with EVERYTHING!!! My first three words that I think of whenever I watch her channel are CONVICTION! CONVICTION! CONVICTION! Check out her YouTube page Crowned In Faith

2. Courtney Daniella

Courtney Daniella is a beauty guru who loves makeup and hair. She owns a wig shop in the UK and speaks as well. She loves Jesus and shares her personal experiences as a Christian living in everyday life. She also shares her growth and past struggles to teach others about her mistakes and the lessons she learned from them. Her YouTube also has makeup tutorials and other laid back and more comedic videos.

Courtney Daniella's YouTube Channel

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3. The Azonwu's

Ezekiel and Kiyanna Azonwu are such a stunning pair of human beings. They have invested their time in bringing reality to single Christians. I have learned a lot about my spirit of pride amongst other things as a single girl and I am unlearning such negative attributes. They produced a dating series called "The Whole Truth" where they brought on a Christian man and woman each episode to have a 'date'. This was done mainly for the consumption of the viewers where they bring to light the importance of having hard conversations at the beginning of dating to be sure that both people are aligned in principles before committing. Check out my previous post 37 Questions To Ask On A Date If You're A Christian In Search Of The Love You've Always Prayed For on this topic. TRUST ME, their videos are GOLD for anyone seeking to please God during their single period.

THE AZONWU'S YouTube Channel

4. Ayope TV

Ayo and Ope Davies are a married couple that is dear to my heart mainly because they are Nigerian but also because they love Jesus. I am laughing as I write this. They bring me so much comedic relief yet pass on a strong message to their viewers. Their videos center around love and relationships and the lessons that they learn from each other every day like DON'T RUSH CHALLENGE. They give advice on dating and relationships in general and how to please God in the process which is most important.

Ayope TV YouTube Channel

5. Bold TV

Preston Perry is a poet, speaker. His channel focuses on the apologetics ministry. He has discussions with people from other religions on the theology of Christianity while giving his viewers tips on how to approach people of different religions without being offensive or insensitive. He shows tips and ways to be theologically sound like a Christian so that you can defend the faith whenever necessary. Check out his channel BOLD TV YouTube Channel

6. Dephne Madyara

Dephne is a woman who loves Jesus and preaches intimacy with God. She has prayer videos about different situations and talks on topics focused on faith in Jesus Christ. She is also a student in fashion school and I enjoy her few videos where she talks about school and the project she is currently working on

Dephne Madyara YouTube Channel

7. Joe Solomon

Joe Solomon is a poet, podcaster, and musician. He has videos that break down the Bible's opinion and answer questions about questions in the minds of millennials. To view these videos, you may have to look at the ones posted more than four years ago. They answered a lot of questions that I had when I found my faith.

Joe Solomon YouTube Channel

8. Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie is a speaker, poet, writer, rapper and so many more amazing things. She is the wife to Preston Perry the owner of Bold TV and both of them own a podcast, 30 Minutes with the Perrys Podcast that discuss interesting around faith as well. It is funny and engaging. She also has a YouTube Channel, With The Perrys with her husband where they show their family dynamic. She also has a book "Gay Girl, Good God" where she documents her testimony of becoming a believer and choosing to live in a way that pleases God.


9. Dana Chanel

Dana Chanel is a businesswoman who has multiple streams of income and educates families on how to fish (earn money) and feed their families. She lives a very disciplined lifestyle and preaches breaking generational curses of poverty in black families in America.

Dana Chanel Instagram Page

10. MoChunks TV

MoChuncks calls herself a media 'mogulette' who gives her viewers updates on what is trending in the world and creates conversations around it. She uses it to educate and share her opinions with her viewers. She is very open about her faith and gives timely updates on her growth in her faith in God. Check out her channel MoChunks TV YouTube Page

11. Priscilla Shirer

Priscilla Shirer is one of my favorite people in the world. She is a speaker, actress, writer, and mother. She always has a timely message that is very reassuring yet convicting. I love her messages because she breaks down the Word of God in a simple and concise way so that it is easy to understand.

Going Beyond Ministries

The Chat with Priscilla YouTube Channel

12. Nissy Tee

Nissy Tee is a motivational and speaker, an influencer, and a lover of Jesus. She has a YouTube channel Nissy Tee's YouTube Channel. She is a business-minded person who wants to change the narrative for her family financially. She has the drive to succeed in everything she does and basically wants to carry everyone along. Nissy is an inspiration to a lot of young adults because she has achieved so much in her short life.

Nissy Tee's YouTube Channel

13. KingofSolomon

Solo posts a lot of prayers on Instagram that are very relatable yet personal. His prayers start a conversation in my heart about topics that I would have normally had never thought about.

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