Music Is What Brings Us All Together

Music Is What Brings Us All Together

Music is for the soul.


In life, everyone goes through something that hurts.

Music is the one thing you can count on.

It causes you to feel certain things, whether it be a way to celebrate your new job or helping to pick you up off the floor when your forget your self worth. When you hear a song for the first time, you get that adrenaline rush; your hands start to sweat, as you anxiously wait for that one line that you could recite perfectly to a class full of people. Those lyrics pump through your veins, as the bass matches the rhythm of your heartbeat. That is what a song can do to someone - ignite every emotion you’ve ever felt... in one moment. At least, that’s what music did for me. But other songs - not just your favorite one - can take you back to great times. Every time you and your friends are driving through the back roads in your hometown, and a certain song comes on, every single person starts to sing out loud. No matter how off-beat or tone-deaf they sound, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because, in that very moment, they are happy - with no cares in the world. Music makes memories.

Music is one thing that can bring people together. No matter what race, religion, political belief, gender, sexuality, etc., you happen to be, music is what keeps the nation bonded as a whole. If you are at a concert seeing your favorite band/singer, you do not care who is next to you. You do not care about their background, because you know that at some point that song had also influenced them. Music brings people together in the most loving way. If you meet someone who likes the same genre as you, you have found a friend for life. The lyrics shape how you view the world. As soon as you hand the bouncer your ticket and you bust through the doors into the venue, nothing else matters at that moment. The hatred of the world is left at the door, and you have the opportunity to dance how you want, sing as loud as you can, and truly be yourself.

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