Why Music is Our Greatest Source of Magic
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Why Music is Our Greatest Source of Magic

Turn In Your Magic Wand For A Musical Instrument This Summer

Why Music is Our Greatest Source of Magic
Sharon K. Shubert

We all love to read and watch stories of magic.

Whether the stories in question feature awkward English lads racing around with spark-emitting twigs, or Elven strongholds that may or may not actually exist somewhere deep in New Zealand, or imagining that the musty back wall of our respective wardrobes leads to a land of talking animals -- the idea of something beyond our common every day existence has fascinated the public since the dawn of time.

What many people unfortunately don't realize is that magic does exist, and because it is not as gaudy as we've come to recognize, it is actually even more special and mysterious.

It's hiding in plain sight.

Magic can come in many forms: unconditional love, for example, or the energetic cleanse of being in nature.

Words placed in impeccable order make their own transformative magic, and meditation another, but the particular brand of sorcery I want to talk about with you now is music.

If you’re looking for a branch of magic to begin practicing or improving this summer, let it be picking up an instrument or singing to your heart’s content.

Why? The list is beyond comprehension, but here are some of the highlights:

Mind Games

Playing music sharpens concentration, memory and hand-eye coordination, boosts confidence, discipline and listening skills, as well as teaching perseverance, patience and cultural history alongside developing a great party trick. The rhythms and vibrations (as expanded upon below) also increase the power of your immune system, lower your blood pressure and easing muscle and brain tension.

To be a successful musician, many skills are required that never see the light of day: math, music reading proficiency (a language of its own!), dexterity of mind and body, agility of thought, style comprehension, emotional understanding, lyrical communication and more all influence the final performance.

Musical comprehension and practice will help you retain your memory and focus into old age. Click here for more reasons music is a powerful healing and preventative tool for dementia and Alzheimer's patients.


It also provides the most universally respected outlet for self-expression in history. Write some songs, and see where the inspiration takes you! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been having a rough day until I picked up my guitar for a little strumming and watched my mood improve 110 percent!

I've personally been historically shy about playing music in front of people. Give me a musical, and I'll sing my heart out, but any instrument I learn to play, I somehow freeze. This summer, I've given myself the goal of performing for an audience of some kind.

Goal Achievement

Learning a new skill always brings about fresh self-esteem as you realize the plethora of amazing magic you are capable of bringing to the world. An issue I've dealt with, along with most likely every single musician to ever grace the planet, is desperately wanting to be Elton John or Tracy Chapman my first go-around.

Since we've been brought up listening to legends, we automatically want to create a similar sound and experience for those around us. It's only natural -- but what we don't realize is that magic, no matter what format, takes a lot of time and diligence to create as such high standards. Our idols have worked for years at getting to where they are!

So, set some reachable, feasible goals for yourself. It might seem tedious, but just mark them out anyway and enjoy checking them off your list.

Good Vibrations

Research of all kinds has proven that music affects brainwaves unlike anything else. A strong beat encourages the frequency of our brainwaves to resonate with it, and ultimately syncs the two rhythms. In a similar vein, it calms or raises your heartbeat and breath, often without you noticing! If you're feeling depressed or sad, try flipping on some favorite upbeat tunes for a shift in mood and play some relaxing music before bed for sweeter dreams.

If music can do all that through simply listening to it, imagine how much greater all those benefits are if you're playing it!

Soundwaves are the reason sound can be heard and recorded at all, right? So, when you're playing an instrument, though it may be most noticeable in stringed instruments such as the acoustic guitar, as shown below, you will be influencing your own bioenergetic frequencies (the awesome vibrational acrobatics your cells are sending out into the world) by combining it with music, as well as those around you!

Check out this sweet example of what I'm spouting at you:

Music Connects Us

In the times we are living in, with technology and terror dividing us as never before, it’s become even more imperative to keep and nurture what community connection we have.

My favorite memories are usually linked to music in some way. Dancing under the stars with an intergenerational group of family and friends, singing of freedom and strength while standing in a circle holding hands, and rocking out at concerts around the globe are all just a handful of memories I hold dear.

When people start playing music, the atmosphere of any get-together instantly shifts; have you ever noticed? It's because the vibrations sync us to one another, the words help us find our common emotions, and playing music is allowing the soul to speak out loud.

In these ways, and a bounty of others, music is the closest thing to magic we have.

Cherish it, and pick up an instrument for a go at casting your very own spell.

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