Since I’ve been to about 10 music festivals in my short span of life, and have three more planned this summer; I figured I could share some helpful tips about how you can survive to see your favorite artist in the sweltering 100-degree heat.

Music festivals usually seem intimidating unless you’ve experienced one already. From the amount of people attending it to the ridiculous prices of food and water, you need to be extra prepared for anything to happen.

1. Get your tickets ahead of time.

Really with any concert, you should try to get tickets as soon as they go on sale. They’re the cheapest, and you avoid the risk of them selling out.

2. Bring a friend with you (if possible).

Having a friend with you at a music festival is really a memorable experience. It adds to the excitement of everything going on and it’s just nice to have a familiar face with you. If you end up going with someone, make sure you set up a meeting location somewhere within the festival gates so if you get lost, you can just meet up there!

Don’t worry if you can’t bring a friend. There’s always people to talk to at these events and they’re usually quite friendly. You just might meet your new best friend there.

3. Pack lightly, but pack enough.

I’ve been in situations where I either brought too many things with me or not enough. It takes a while to reach that perfect balance in the middle. Some of my necessities are a portable phone charger, hat, enough cash for food and merchandise, a picture I.D. and sunglasses. Those are the most basic accessories, but they really depend on the person!

4. Prepare for all weather conditions.

“Festival season” is also the perfect time for thunderstorms and rain storms. I highly suggest going to the dollar store and buying a plastic poncho in case you get stuck in the middle of a storm in a big, empty field. It’s lighter and safer than carrying an umbrella.

5. Eat a full meal for breakfast and a lighter meal during the actual festival.

It’s proven that a good and filling breakfast can provide energy throughout the day. I recommend eating a big smoothie with an array of different fruits and a side of toast with peanut butter since that’s personally the most filling type of meal for me. In the festivals I’ve been to, you’re allowed to bring in a small snack such as a granola bar, crackers, things like that. Usually, food at festivals and other venues are higher in price, so I would definitely bring enough extra cash for a meal in case you need it. Be sure to eat afterwards too.

6. Sunscreen is a must.

Sunscreen is good for everyone who's going to be out in the sun. Skin cancer is a serious risk, and applying sunscreen every hour or less is great to protect against this risk. Usually, spray sunscreens are banned from the festival grounds for being flammable, so if that happens, bring a backup of regular sunscreen lotion too. You can never be too prepared!

7. Stay hydrated.

Hydration is key if you’re being outside all day in the heat. The No. 1 reason people get hurt at festivals is because they pass out from not eating or drinking enough. It’s different for each festival, but most likely you can bring in a sealed plastic water bottle and are able to refill it at different free refill stations throughout the grounds.

8. Write down the set times for the artists you want to see.

Phones die so easily that it’s best to carry a paper with all the times and stage names of whomever you want to see that day. You may think your phone won’t die and you can rely on that, but it’s best to have a backup plan.

9. Be careful in crowds.

Heat and crowds don’t mix. If you feel as though you’re usually uncomfortable in crowds, it’s best to just relax and watch whatever artist from the back. Yes, you won’t have the best view but you’ll still hear everything just fine and will still have an excellent time. If you do venture into the crowd, be sure to have all your belongings placed safely in your bag. Bring a bag that can be zipped up and isn’t that easy to get into by strangers.

10. Enjoy the experience and take plenty of pictures.

Life is too short to not have a good time, especially when you paid a good amount of money to be here at this event! Take some pictures with friends, videos of artists performing, or whatever you feel worthy of remembering in detail in a few years.