The Muppets Should Host The 2019 Oscars

The Muppets Should Host The 2019 Oscars, You Know This To Be True

It's the only logical solution.


The Muppets should host the Oscars this year. OK? Especially due to all the press/controversy surrounding the Kevin Hart hosting situation.

The Muppets are a symbol of unity, kindness, and peace. They always make you smile, because they're just that wholesome!

If we had the Muppets host the Oscars, we wouldn't have to worry about the worn-out political commentary, the bad jokes, and all the celebrities trying to one-up each other. Everyone would be made fun of!

We could have Kermit as the main host (duh), with Miss Piggy always trying to butt in and steal the spotlight, Gonzo and Rizzo would work the red carpet pre-interviews, and the Hecklers would be up in their same balcony seat, like always.

We don't need some super-serious awards show right now. We need a cute cast of characters who won't try to get "fake deep" or political (because sometimes you just need a break from politics, right?), and instead will just focus on making the Oscars an actually enjoyable viewing experience.

We need the Muppets!

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12 Songs That Embrace Warm Weather

If it's not snowing, it's raining, and if it's not raining the wind speed is 40 mph, the real experience of season shift here at UConn.


Check out a playlist with these songs and more like them here.

1. Feels Like Summer

*Me when it's more than 45° in Storrs*

2. Blister In The Sun

To embrace that sunburn I'll inevitably end up with.

3. Talk Too Much

This is a good one to blast with the windows down.

4. Santeria

References that one RiFF RaFF vine -->

5. Sail Into The Sun

Speaks for itself.

6. Island In The Sun

(((Yeah I know more Weezer, but what can I say? They love warm weather!)))

7. Oceans

This one is for my beach lovers.

8. Malibu

Surprisingly not the Miley Cyrus one, but that one is a bop too.

9. Sunflower

Rex Orange Country just has such a soft, flowery voice.

10. Reachin' 2 Much (feat. Lalah Hathaway)

Anderson .Paak released this album just in time for summer and I am quite hyped.


Night party anthem? Probably.

12. Amber

And finally, a kick back and chill song.

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