Moving Out For The Very First Time

Moving Out For The Very First Time

As the rooms now fill with my stuff, my anxiety and fears go away and I am confident that I can do this, and excited to see where this new chapter of my life takes me.

When moving out at the age of 19, you come up with a lot of fears and thoughts that swarm through your head. Can I do this? Will I be able to afford it? What if I miss home too much? It’s hard to move out for the first time, it’s a really big step into becoming an adult. In a new apartment or home, especially one you’re not used to, can be a little scary, right? More importantly though, it’s exciting. You get to take new risks and you finally get to let go of your childhood to enter into adulthood.

When you’re a child, all you do is rely on your parents. That’s what they are there for, to guide you and teach you, also to prepare you for life. When you’re young, you can’t even imagine ever moving out, you think it’s so far away, you have nothing in the world to worry about. Then, the teen years come around and all you’re thinking about is, when you can finally move out and get out of here. It flashes by so fast you can’t even imagine. Now as I am moving out, I can’t believe it’s real. For me, it’s a little different because I didn’t get that college experience where you are already moved out of the house, living in dorms, on a campus, then moving into an apartment/house. I was already previously living at home while attending college to save money while I figured out what to do next. I finally decided to take a risk and move out.

All I had were the clothes and furniture from my room to start off with. I moved in with four of my best friends and I couldn't be happier. We all were a little unprepared, because we all didn’t expect this to happen so soon. We didn’t have anything really yet, just an empty house with our boxes of clothes. The first night we all just sat in the living room, with no couch, no chairs, nothing. We didn’t care though, all we could think about is how we're going to have so many memories in this house and how it didn’t even matter that we had nothing to start with. We talked all night on how excited we were that we have come to this point in our lives.

Saying goodbye to my parents was harder than I expected it to be. I had been dreaming of moving out for so long and it finally happened. I went over in my head a million times on how I was going to tell them. I didn’t want my parents to think I was moving out because of them, I wanted to do it for myself, to make bigger decisions now that I am getting older. I don’t ever want my parents to think I won’t go back and visit them, because I know for the first few months, I'm sure I will be calling them non-stop with random questions. I know that I will still be going over there all the time, too. Not just for them, but also to see my dogs, because how are you suppose to tell them you won’t see them everyday anymore?

All of this was very hard to overcome, but when I told them, they were nothing but supportive for my decision. They wanted me to be happy and to live my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

As the boxes now become fewer and fewer, it’s becoming more real. As the rooms now fill with my stuff, my anxiety and fears go away and I am confident that I can do this, and excited to see where this new chapter of my life takes me.

Cover Image Credit: Lindsey Janssen

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A Letter To My Muse

There is always someone who believes in you!


Dearest Muse, I don't think I've ever thanked you for all you have done for me. For as long as I could remember, storytelling was an interest of mine and if not for your faith in me, poetry readings would be the only way my voice was heard. The longer I wrote, the more I reminisced of the good ol' days of elementary school life filled with annoying "ABC order" assignments and vocabulary tests; which at the time were nothing more than an anchor; a mere waste of time. Though, as I reached 6th grade, I truly saw the beauty of life in kaleidoscope-like fashion; various complex topics and how words could express them all. These lessons proved worthwhile as they aided in reaching my current level of insight and helped the ensnared soul voice his thoughts--relating to all who listen. The longer I wrote, the more beauty there was to experience; growth filled every word possessed--I was creating something beautiful.

My point is this. I would have never thought of sharing a piece of me like this to the world; you took my hand and directed me through a gorgeous door filled with my very essence. A part of me that shows itself in every piece written, and a dauntless character that relishes pushing the envelope and challenging the conformist thinking encasing the world we live in. Furthermore, what has started as a medium solely for enjoyment was nurtured into something to vent through and truly grip the finer and important things in life.

Mario C.


I've had brilliant teachers within every niche, yet the one that sticks out more than most is you. Thank you for your faith, soul, and open-mindedness.

Cover Image Credit:

Igor Ovsyannykov

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