10 Tips For Moving Out Of Your Dorm This Summer
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10 Easy Tips For Moving Out Of Your Dorm This Summer

Moving out, it's almost as stressful as moving in. But now you have to move back home.

10 Easy Tips For Moving Out Of Your Dorm This Summer

The spring semester is rolling to a fast stop. The only thing worse than finals week is figuring out how you're going to fit the last two semester's worth of stuff into your car to get home. It is something I am personally dreading, so I decided to figure out how to prep my belongings to make it a smooth move. Open your notes app and get ready to make a list; because here are a few ideas to help get ready to go home. *queue 'Take Me Home, Country Roads'*

Go through your clothes and fold/organize them.


Make Marie Kondo proud and take initiative to start organizing your belongings early. Personally, I have a closet and a dresser. They are both full of clothes because your girl needs options. Start by going through each drawer and folding your clothes or hanging clothes from that neglected pile in your room. Once everything is folded and in their homes, you can pick items out that maybe you don't need or wear as often and sell/donate them.

Donate/sell gently used clothing that you don't wear anymore.

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Are you looking to lighten your load this summer? Once your clothes are all folded, go through them and evaluate what sparks joy and what you can say goodbye to. Here at Grand Canyon University they place Goodwill bins in the lobby of each dorm hall. This can give students an opportunity to get rid of items they no longer use and donate them. If you're looking to make a little extra cash for the summer, you can always list items on the Facebook Marketplace.

Make sure you have bags/boxes to use when moving out.


You do not want to be stuck in a line at Home Depot on move out day trying to buy boxes. Think ahead and either get boxes or bags to store your belongings. Here's a link for some Home Depot moving boxes. Personally, I love using Ikea bags for transporting all my things. Here is a link for the bag some might mistake for a body bag...

Go through miscellaneous items in your desk/closet.

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Remember that half-eaten jar of Nutella in your closet or pantry? Time to let it go and throw it away. Now it the chance for you to get rid of all those scraps of paper in your desk that have chicken scratch on them. That bag of stale popcorn you've been saving for later? Trash it. It's time for some spring cleaning!

Idk who's son needs to hear this but, clean your bathroom.


Remember when you first moved into your dorm and you could actually see your reflection in the mirror? Yeah, I thought so, go clean your mirror. It's a job no one wants to do but everyone enjoys once it's done. So grab the toilet brush and some gloves and scrub those strange marks on the back of the toilet. Don't forget to wipe down the shower and the sink while you're at it. Just think how proud your mom would be. :)

Wash your sheets...please. You'll thank me later. 

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While I don't know each and every one of you that reads my articles, but I do know it's hard as heck to make a dorm room bed. I am going to assume that most of you didn't know that you should be washing your sheets about once every two weeks or even once a week. There's nothing better than sleeping in fresh sheets. So do yourself a favor and wash your sheets before you pack them up to go home.

What's that smell? It's probably your fridge.

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Is there a strange smell coming from your fridge but you can't quite figure out what it is? Then it's probably time to clean that fridge out. It's easy to forget about the extra half of a pizza you brought home from the dining hall. Everything stats to smell a little ~dank~ after awhile. Get a trash bag and find out what that smell is coming from. If you want extra adulting points you can even wipe out your fridge with a disinfecting wipe.

Dishes don't wash themselves...This isn't 'Beauty and the Beast'

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It's most likely that your Resident Life will require your sink to be empty upon move out. It's not too late to catch up on those dishes that have been sitting in the sink all semester. Make it a goal to go to bed with an empty sink every night until the school year is over!

Finalize your moving out plans.

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Do your parents know what day you need to move out? Do you need a storage unit to store that TV you got for Christmas? Are you flying home and need to still book a flight? These are all great questions and you should probably take some time to make sure you have everything planned out and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Get excited because you did it! It's summertime!

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WOOHOOO you survived another year of college! Whether you have an internship lined up, a summer job, or unfortunately summer classes, at least you (hopefully) won't have to share a room anymore. Cheers to summer '19!

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