Hey You,

It's about time for your third wake up call and letter of consolidation. I know this is your first relationship and you are attached to him, but it's about time.

You've given so much to him and I've seen you try so hard to make it work and keep it going. You guys were good for each other for a while when it lasted. I saw him make you happy and care for you, but time changes things. You don't need him, especially now since I can see he's hurting you more than building you up. You don't need him to grow, because you are strong, hardworking, and determined. I love you and that's why I hope you can see what I see.

I see a girl who is extremely compassionate, beautiful, caring, patient, understanding, funny, and ambitious. Anyone is lucky to have you as their friend, and even luckier as more than a friend. I know when it comes to love, there are things beyond reason that we do. But like you've told me in my times of trouble, here are some things you've taught me.

"Don't settle," "strive for the better," "don't waste your time being sad," and "keep looking forward." You've told me these things when I needed someone to wake me up and keep me grounded. And that's why I'm doing the same for you now.

You're at the hands of love and it has forced you to tolerate more than you should ever have to. You are hurt by the same guy who you are trying to help.You've done your part, and at this point, you need to help yourself. Love is complicated. There is good and bad; sacrifice and compromise. And the power of love is what makes it so beautiful and scary. Because of this, we're always questioning how much we should give up, how much to give in, how much to take, and how much to let go.

I know letting go is hard, and it all happened so fast. But time will make things better. You will learn to live a life after him. You will continue to grow. Don't be discouraged from mistakes and failures. You will grow stronger.

Somedays everything will seem great and you feel in control, but then it'll hit you like a wave. When that wave hits, you'll find yourself crippling from the hollow pain in your chest. When it seems like you forgot about him, a little thing might trigger all the memories of him and you'll find yourself back at the bottom, fighting your way to be okay again.

I know you're trying to move past him. You keep yourself busy with school, work, and clubs. You're not eating, you're not sleeping. But that's just temporary. At this point you're exhausting your body. Your body aches and your eyebags get darker by the day. Please take care of yourself. It hurts me to see you like this.

I love you, which is why I'm telling you this. You have given enough of yourself to him. You need to save yourself for you. Because I miss my best friend who never fails to make me laugh, who wants to go on spontaneous adventures at midnight, and who wants to jam to music at any hour. You are the friend who encouraged me when everything in life seemed to be bringing us down and stressing us out. Now it's my turn to be that friend for you. I miss that light in your eyes. Please don't let him take that away from you.