18 Films You Didn't Realize Turned 10 In 2018

18 Films You Didn't Realize Turned 10 In 2018

Feeling old yet?


I've officially reached the age when people talk about things happening 10+ years ago and I actually remember them happening. This small wonder of memory has made me consciously think about the fact that I am, in fact, two decades old and that when I talk about things from my childhood glory days there's a whole generation of kids out there who didn't grow up with them. For instance, there's a whole generation of kids alive now that didn't see "Hannah Montana" as it was airing on Disney Channel. Think about it. Feel old yet? If that small fact didn't already make you want to take a trip down memory lane, and/or sit down some younger siblings or cousins and make them watch all of your favorite childhood movies in a binge session over Thanksgiving, here are 18 films from our childhood that turned 10 in 2018.

1. "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" 

The DCOM series that gave a whole generation of kids waaaay to high of hopes for what high school was going to be. Still bummed 3 years after graduation there wasn't any singing.

2. "27 Dresses" 

The movie that introduced our entire generation to "Benny and the Jets."

3. "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas"

The Holocaust book we all had to read in grade school but just watched this movie instead.

4. "College Road Trip" 

Thank goodness we can all look at colleges on the internet now instead of having to go cross country to see a school. Unless your parents are old-fashioned circa 2008 like mine and made you go anyway. Multiple times.

5. "The Dark Knight" 

Cue scary Batman and 10 years of my brother quoting "Why so serious?"

6. "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both World's Concert"

Don't pretend you didn't see this and can't still sing every word of this song.

7. "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" 

We all wish we could forget about this one.

8. "Iron Man" 

4 Words: "I am Iron Man" ... and 10 years of cinematic dominance and 20+ movies have followed that we've all paid to see.

9. "Kung Fu Panda" 

Why does a Chinese panda sound like Jack Black?

10. "Mamma Mia!" 

And in 2018, we all said: "Here we go again."

11. "Marley and Me" 

We're still crying.

12. "Sex and the City" 

Never actually seen this, but there were enough other ones it must have been good.

13. "The Spiderwick Chronicles" 

Where these books only popular at my grade school?

14. "Taken"

Obviously, this girl needs better protection. She was taken 4 more times...

15. "Twilight" 

#teamneither #whywerewefightingaboutthis

16. "WALL-E"

I still don't get this movie.

17. "Camp Rock" 

May not have been the HSM dynasty, but they appeased us with a movie centered on the Jonas Brothers, so we were ok.

18. "Cheetah Girls: One World" 

Basically the Lizzie McQuire movie, but the Cheetah Girls.

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An Ode To Recess: How We Knew It Vs. What It Is Today

Kids are trading in their cootie catchers for smartphones. What is the world coming to?


For millennials, recess was a time for running around outside, playing made-up games and organizing foursquare competitions. It was a time to take a break from all the listening, learning and hand-raising and just be kids for 30 minutes.

Whether we were doing flips on the jungle gym, playing an intense game of Red Rover or dominating on the kickball field, we were getting our sweat on and having fun with our classmates.

Today, the story isn't so similar.

Recess has changed.

Unfortunately, '90s kids had a recess experience that was totally different from what today's children know. Here are three ways recess has changed from the half hour of games, cootie catchers, relationship drama and jumping rope we all remember.

1. Kids are spending more recess time on their phones

As you could imagine, the use of smartphones and other electronics is an issue many schools struggle with. Some schools allow students to use their phones during recess or lunch as a way to prevent them from doing so during their classes. Other schools completely ban phones for the entire school day.

For the institutions that allow students to use their phones during recess, it can be difficult for shy students to come out of their shells. They may decide to sit in the corner on their phones instead of asking to jump into a game of tag or basketball.

A worse result would be that no one takes the time to play and exercise at all and instead chooses to get updated on the social media posts they missed that day.

2. Recess time is getting shorter and shorter

Recess is getting shorter, too — 40% of school districts in the country have reduced their recess time, and nearly 7% have eliminated it. That's right — some students never get a chance to take a break during the day, aside from lunch.

This could be for several reasons, including budget cuts, punishment for poor behavior or the misled belief that it's a waste of time.

Having a shorter recess — or no recess at all — could be an explanation for the increase in childhood obesity in the U.S., as well. The most recent data shows the rate of childhood obesity in the nation is around 18.5%, with 14 percent of kids already being considered obese before they get to kindergarten.

Could we combat this issue by allowing students 30 minutes a day to run around and play like we did in the '90s?

3. Bullying may be getting worse

Bullying certainly isn't anything new, but we are seeing it begin at younger ages than we have in past decades. Part of this is because children are constantly exposed to TV and other forms of media that portray bullying.

Even if the media displays it as something kids shouldn't do, in a way that's exposing them to it just as much as watching a how-to video.

In general, kids deal with three types of bullying: verbal, physical and social. With the growing prevalence of cyberbullying, that could be added to the list, too.

Many of today's students face bullying from several additional angles — both on the playground and at home — unlike millennial kids.

Can we bring recess back?

Many of you may be wondering how we can bring back the true recess we all know and love, so our own kids can experience the joy of winning tetherball after a competition.

This may be easier said than done. So much has changed since then, and children are simply interested in different things.

However, if we can stress to our kids the importance of play and exercise before they get to school, we can hope they carry those lessons with them and use their free time during the day wisely — not by scrolling on their phones or being bullies of any kind.

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5 Reasons ‘Interview With The Vampire’ Is Superior To The Overhyped 'Twilight'

Boy, I have never seen such beautiful creatures in my life and not to mention, very hot male vampires.


I have been told by many people that "Twilight" is the best vampire movie.

They are wrong.

The best vampire movie of all time is "Interview with the Vampire." Based on Anne Rice's gothic horror and vampire novel, this movie focuses on the transformation of Louis de Pointe de Lac (played by Brad Pitt), who has been bitten by a vampire named Lestat (played by Tom Cruise). The film centers on their time they spent together, even taking in a 10-year-old girl named Claudia (played by Kirsten Dunst), who has been turned into a vampire by Louis.

Let me share five reasons why this movie is worth watching than "Twilight."

1. The vampires are aesthetically beautiful to look at

Boy, I have never seen such beautiful creatures in my life and not to mention, very hot male vampires. Their long mane and their white pale faces were so alluring! The extravagant and lavish clothing makes them so ravishing! Brad Pitt has never been more handsome with his brown mane and that sad expression of his. Plus, I didn't expect Tom Cruise to be so sexually attractive with that golden mane and that playful smirk of his! Even Armand, played by Antonio Banderas, was so enticing to look at with his long black hair and his captivating brown eyes.

2. Kirsten Dunst shares her first kiss with Brad Pitt

The unexpected romance between Claudia and Louis has us mesmerized. Claudia plays as the adopted daughter of Lestat and Louis. However, Claudia learns that she will never grow old and will never the body of the full mature woman she so desires. Angered by this, she comes to hate Lestat and kills him. After, she escapes with Louis. Their love for each other grew from pure parental love to a romantic one. After Claudia finds out that Louis is willing to stay with another vampire named Armand, she grows jealous and forces Louis to turn a mortal woman named Madeline into a vampire so that Madeline will become her new protector and guardian. Louis complies to Claudia's wishes and turns Madeline into a vampire. Disheartened, he reclines next to Claudia and Claudia leans in to give him a kiss.

3. There is COMEDY

"Twilight" is always serious all the time unlike "The Interview with the Vampire," which has a few comedic scenes. One scene, in particular, is when Louis ravenously seduces an aristocratic old woman but tries to stop himself from drinking her blood and killing her. However, the old woman's pet poodles watch them and just keep on barking. Unable to withstand his hunger any longer, Louis grabs the poodles and feasts on their blood, thus killing them. The old woman weeps for her pets' deaths so hysterically, we couldn't help but giggle at such an incident. Another scene is when Claudia drinks the blood of her piano instructor. When Lestat sees this, he reprimands her a bit but immediately changes into a loving father when he says he will teach her instead and scooches away the piano instructor's dead corpse down from the chair.

4. You actually feel very bad for these vampires

From "Twilight," we learn that vampires never age and loathe of what they are. To be honest, I really don't have any sympathy for any of the vampires in "Twilight" As for "Interview with the Vampire," the movie does very well in creating dimension in the vampires' motivations, thereby earning our empathy and sympathy. Before becoming a vampire, Louis was a depressed man after losing his wife and child. He wanted to die but could not find the courage to kill himself. Then Lestat comes in and gives him immortality, cursing Louis to live forever which he didn't want in the first place.

Lestat, although being the antagonist, only wanted friends and even a family even being so alone. He becomes truly happy when he gains a companion and then becomes giddier when he and Louis take in Claudia. After Claudia kills him in cold blood, we cannot help but feel bad for Lestat for he only wanted something that is inevitably unattainable by vampires: love. When Claudia learns that she cannot age and is stuck in her child form, we immediately understand her desire to attain the full-grown female body which can give her access to many things like maturity, femininity, and sexual passion.

5. There is a plot twist

We learn that Lestat is alive in the end. The last time we see Lestat is when Louis finds him living in an abandoned mansion, in recluse. Lestat begs Louis to stay with him but Louis rejects him and leaves him. This is the last time he sees Lestat, Louis tells to the interviewer. The interviewer becomes obsessed with the idea of living as a vampire and urges Louis to turn him into one. Louis becomes enraged with the interviewer, telling him that the interviewer has not been paying attention at all to the whole purpose of the interview, which is to caution people of the misery and suffering as a vampire. Louis then disappears, leaving the interview distraught. When the interviewer goes to his car, he is attacked by Lestat, who drinks his blood and offers him the choice of becoming a vampire.

Although I am a not big fan of vampires, "Interview with the Vampire" is by far my favorite vampire film. I strongly recommend this movie to those who love vampires and goth.

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