6 Underrated Movies On Netflix You Probably Haven't Heard Of But Need To Watch
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6 Underrated Movies On Netflix You Probably Haven't Heard Of But Need To Watch

When you think there's nothing to watch: here you go.

6 Underrated Movies On Netflix You Probably Haven't Heard Of But Need To Watch

Netflix is a big thing. Essentially, everyone, these days has Netflix. Which makes sense, because of the pure insurmountable amount of content it offers. Because of this surplus of content, however, sometimes it can seem almost impossible to find something good to watch.

Like when you're with your friends or significant other, trying to find something to watch, and by the time you find something decent, you're not even in the mood to watch anything anymore. Well, look no further. Here is a list of 6 underrated movies on Netflix you can choose from:

1. "The Fundamentals of Caring"

"The Fundamentals of Caring" is the perfect movie if you're looking for a mix of comedy, and sadness. The Netflix Original stars Craig Roberts as a young man named Trevor, who struggles with muscular dystrophy, leaving him wheelchair ridden.

Despite Trevor being 18, he still needs care from someone, which is why his mother hires Ben (Paul Rudd), an out of work "caregiver." The two have a funny relationship, as Trevor is as satirical and sarcastic as they come, Ben is just trying to figure it all out, and Trevor is giving Ben as much shit as he can.

2. "To the Bone" (Trigger Warning)

"To The Bone" is a movie for one of the sadder nights. It stars Lily Collins as Ellen, a 20-year-old struggling with anorexia nervosa. The movie discusses eating disorders in incredibly deep detail, so if that's something you're uncomfortable with, you should probably skip this movie. The movie follows Ellen on her heartbreaking journey of self-discovery and recovery at a group home, with other young adults struggling with eating disorders.

3. "All the Bright Places"

"All The Bright Places" is a bittersweet movie starring Justice Smith as Theodore Finch and Elle Fanning as Violet Markey. Despite these two attending the same high school, they are in very different social groups and don't speak.

However, when paired together for an assignment to explore Indiana, the two are forced onto one another. They find out that they have both experienced deep trauma in their past that is affecting the way they are now (one more than the other) and bond over it.

They grow together and push each other to be the best they can be. Which all seems great, but there's more than meets the eye with these two.

4. "6 Years"

"6 Years" is definitely a movie you're going to want to watch after a breakup, or when you're already sad. The film stars Taissa Farmiga as Mel Clark, and Ben Rosenfield as Dan Mercer. The movie starts off showing the two's seemingly perfect relationship. They've been together for six years, and there's no end in sight. It looks picture perfect. However, when you see the intricacies and really look into their relationship, you can see that it is not only extremely toxic but abusive in many ways.

5. "Heartthrob"

"Heartthrob" is a movie starring Keir Gilchrist as Henry Sinclair. Henry is a socially awkward boy in high school who is a bit of a wallflower. That is until he meets Samantha. At first, they have a seemingly perfect relationship, until it turns obsessive. Henry begins obsessing over Samantha and going to extensive lengths in order to see Samantha. The relationship then becomes violent and gets worse from there.

6. " Florida Project"

"The Florida Project" stars Brooklynn Prince as Moonee and Bria Vinaite as Halley, Moonee's mother. The two live in a motel in Florida near Disneyland. The film is shown from the point of view of Moonee.

Despite the fact that her little "family" lives in poverty in a motel, with her "mother" working as a prostitute, Moonee still believes she has a great life. even when PCS gets involved Moonee still just tries to have fun as a child. The movie shows how adults and children have different views on the world, no matter what their situation is.

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