8 Movies That Don't Get The Attention They Deserve
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8 Movies That Don't Get The Attention They Deserve

A list of my favorites that I hardly hear anyone talk about.

8 Movies That Don't Get The Attention They Deserve

We all have our favorite movies that everyone else loves too, i.e. the Breakfast Club, 10 Things I Hate About You, Juno, any Marvel movie, etc. However, I know you all out there have a few movies in your rotation that get a lot of "I've never seen that" responses. Mostly, it's a good thing. It feels like these films are just for you, and special. I'm exposing SOME of mine, but definitely not all. If drama, comedy, and romance are your type of genres, then this is for you.

1. Just Friends


Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) is an overweight, geeky teenager who happens to have a crush on his beautiful, popular best friend Jamie. But, she puts him in the friend zone. He comes back to town 10 years later, chiseled and successful, and sets out to win Jamie over after all these years. Pair that with Anna Faris as his wildly successful, yet crazy, singer ex, and Chris Klein trying to take Jamie for himself as well, you have a very hilarious movie that also kind of feels like a Christmas one!

2. Remember Me


Robert Pattinson actually has normal skin tone here in this drama, where he plays Tyler Hawkins. Tyler, still reeling over a personal tragedy, meets Aly, a woman with her own traumas. They find comfort in each other's understanding of pain while Tyler tries to navigate tricky areas in his life, such as his strained relationship with his father and trying to watch over his little sister. There's a very sad ending, but I heartily recommend it.

3. Beautiful Boy


A film that was only playing in select theaters, but should have been playing in all of them. Timothee Chalamet and Steve Carell star as father and son, with Timothee's character battling meth addiction. It's based on a true story and portrays addiction through a parent's eyes, and it's utterly heartbreaking. I recommend it to everyone who has seen a loved one battling addiction, or for anyone really.

4. Year One


Jack Black and Michael Cera are the comedy team that I never knew I needed. A truly hilarious story of two cavemen who are banished from their tribe and end up taking quite a journey through biblical history, starting out in the Garden of Eden and ending in the city of Sodom. Plenty of raunchy humor and hilarious one-liners, it'll be extra funny for bible readers, ironically.

5. Happy Gilmore


This is one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies. The humor might be too "old-school" for my fellow peers, but my siblings and I still quote it to this day. Sandler is Happy, a wannabee hockey player that accidentally discovers he has an almost super natural talent at golf. In a desperate act to save his grandmother's house from being sold, he joins a golf pro tour to win money, with funny results.

6. Don Jon


Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has a list of the most important things in his life: his car, his house, church, his family, his body, his friends, his sexual conquests-and his porn. Jon's an addict, and fears that no woman will ever make him feel the way porn does. Not even his beautiful new girlfriend Barbara (Scarlett Johansson). The cast also includes a few surprises, like Brie Larson, Julianne Moore, and Tony Danza. It's crude, so stay away if you aren't.

7. The Ugly Truth


Abby (Katherine Heigl) is a successful television producer who is unsuccessful in one area of life-relationships. In comes Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) a talk show host who claims to know exactly how men operate. When Mike gets hired to star on Abby's show, she is disgusted. Mike promises to quit-but only after Abby goes through HIS training to get her dream man. It's battle of the sexes.

8. Bad Teacher


Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is a middle school teacher who is absolutely horrible at her job. With one goal in mind, which is breast enhancement surgery, she does the bare minimum while trying to win over the rich, handsome new student teacher, Scott (Justin Timberlake). She ignores the interest of gym teacher Russell, and subtlety battles with a fellow teacher who also has the hots for Scott.

Side note: Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake dated in real life!

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