Movie Review:  'A Star Is Born'
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Movie Review: 'A Star Is Born'

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper: the perfect dynamic duo that we didn't know we needed.


After seeing 'A Star is Born', I have a newfound deep appreciation for both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Not only did Bradley Cooper star in the film and learn how to play the guitar and sing like a true rock star to do so, but he also directed and co-wrote the movie. I was blown away. His acting, his music, his voice, the script, and yep, the entire movie was all so impressive and so moving. As for Gaga, I could not believe this was her Hollywood debut. Her performance in the movie appeared so effortless and flawless that I would have thought she has been acting her whole life. And of course we know Gaga can sing like no other, but still, I was blown away by the raw power of her vocals everytime she opened her mouth on the stage.

The original 'A Star is Born' was released in 1937, followed by three remakes of the film, including this latest 2018 version. To give a short synopsis, Bradley Cooper plays Jackson Maine a country superstar with an alcohol and drug addiction. On tour, he meets waitress Ally, a talented singer/songwriter who has all but given up on any dreams of making it big in the music industry. They have an immediate connection and set off on the journey of falling in love. Ally, thanks to the spotlight Jackson provides her with, soon becomes a mega pop star in her own right whose fame and success begins to overshadow Jackson's. As Ally rises in fame, Jackson begins to spiral downwards due to his drug/alcohol problems, leading to many frustrations between the two and their individual careers.

I was completely captured from beginning to end of the film, really wrapped up in the characters' emotional journeys. Not only did each romantic or heartbreaking scene allow me to feel as though I was a part of it, but I also felt like I was really at the concert performances of both Jackson and Ally.

This leads to my next praise of the film: the original music. Every song was written for this movie, by Gaga and Cooper in collaboration with some country, rock, and pop artists. The soundtrack is just another item on a long list of why I love this movie.

The storyline of this movie was completely inspiring and moving, yet also heartbreaking and tear-jerking. Jackson and Ally truly felt every emotion there is, and I was there feeling it along with them. Ally's journey from working as a waitress and living with her father to being one of the most famous musicians in America starting with taking a risk. Ally's fear and hesitation is obvious when Jackson asks her to take the chance and follow him on tour. But Ally shows us that risking safety and comfort for love, for our dreams, and for all that life has in store for us is everything. We only have so much time to share our voice and speak our truths, so we must use that fleeting power to its fullest extent. That is how we find love and life and encourage others to do the same.

The story also has a tragic side to it, in the caustic effects Jackson's alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health problems take on both the personal life and music career of not only Jackson himself, but Ally as well. In today's day and age, these issues cannot be addressed enough. Jackson's struggles were portrayed in a very realistic and honest way, truthfully revealing the pains and problems that so many unfortunately face today. This movie goes to show, once more, that we never truly know the past nor the struggles every individual face.

With it's powerful and relevant messages, moving inspiration to leap out of our comfort zones, and awesome, awesome soundtrack, this movie was a masterpiece in so many respects. 'A Star is Born' has something important and entertaining for people of all ages and backgrounds. It's one of those movies that, walking out of the theater, you feel just a little differently about life.

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