There are some people in this world that may think that movie adaptations of books are the greatest ideas in the world. Those people would be wrong. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love seeing beloved characters from books come to life on the big screen but too often the books are ruined by the movie adaption. I definitely love the idea of turning a book into a movie but it never comes out the way it should.

Let's be real. What's the best part of reading a book? It's the magic. It's the emotional pull that you feel towards the characters and the plot as you read it and become immersed in it that makes everything feel real. I'm going to tell you right now that I love opening a book and feeling the pages go through my fingers as I get thrown into a new and wonderful world. I can put myself in the characters shoes and feel all of the same things that they are going through. I love that I can become the people and go through all of the same experiences that they went through. It makes me feel like I can be anything and for those moments, I can be flung into a different world that is all mine. I can be anything and it makes me feel magical.

The problem with the movie adaptations is that the magic is sometimes taken away. You can't feel the same emotions that you did when you read the book. Sure the magic is still there in some cases but it's a completely different kind of magic. You can go through the adventure with the characters thought it's just in a different way. All of the different types of stories can be an adventure even though it's a different type of adventure.

I think one of the biggest pet peeves is that a lot of the time the movie adaptations leave out some of the best parts of the story. Not only because the directors may not think it's important but because they think that there isn't a clear reasoning as to why they should keep it in. Which is dumb because sometimes those parts that they cut out are the best parts of the book. There are quite a few of my favorite books that were turned into movies and it was really really ridiculous the things that were cut out. And it really takes away from the magic that you grow to love in the books. But I guess that's life.

So all in all, the books are probably the best parts of anything and the movie adaptations may not be the best things ever but they are still good in their own way. And sometimes I wish that I could forget about the book so I could enjoy the movie in itself without the constant tracking of the book to see if the things matched up. Go out there and read your favorite books and pretend that the movie adaptations never existed, it's what I like to do.