Sometimes in order to move on and to move forward, you have to close a door. Sometimes that door can be a feeling, an emotion, a friend and or a family member. But what I want to let you know is that the door that is being closed does not mean you have to forget. You just have to learn to hold on to the lesson you learned from whatever is standing behind that door. That lesson no matter how painful it was to endure, that lesson has or will provide you with the ability to grow and become a stronger version of yourself. Sometimes life has a funny way of kicking us in the face.

But those kicks don't just come for fun they come with a purpose. I understand that we do not know exactly what that purpose is but I do know that no matter how hard it may seem it will get better. You just need to build your life on a firm foundation. My advice to whoever needs it at this moment is to learn how to love yourself fearlessly and find surround yourself with beautiful people who help lift you when you need it most. Create that foundation and start building the life you were meant to live. Find yourself a Hannah, a friend who will hold you when you need it the most and will always be there for you. You will also need a Nina, someone who is fearless and slaps you back into reality.

She will always be the voice of reason and will always be there to pick you up when you have fallen. Ingrid will be up for an adventure and will create a spark in your heart to explore more. Mikaela will encourage you to try something new and remind you of home. Isabelle will hype you up and make you laugh uncontrollably until you need to take a quick break to wipe the tears. Miah will take a week of work just to help you settle into your new environment and push you to be better. Sasha, she will always be a phone call away to remind you to breathe and to slow down.

Mary will give you hope for the future and will remind you to be selfless. Aaliyah will encourage you to be brave and to jump. But most importantly you need to find yourself. Give yourself some time to understand and truly know who you are. Spend time alone with your thoughts and your questions. You'd be surprised at what you will find out about yourself.

Treat yourself to new possibilities and learn to be who you are. Do not be afraid of change, it is supposed to happen in order to send in the direction you are meant to be in. Enjoy the bumps along the road, learn to laugh at life's craziness and enjoy the ride. Learn the difference between a situation you can handle and one you cannot handle. Most importantly learn to walk away from the door you have closed.