Moving into college housing is always a chore, but there are some major differences between the freshmen and the seniors. The freshmen seem more excited, as well as more nervous. The seniors know what they're doing, and breeze right through move in day. Here's the basic differences between freshman and seniors on the day they move in.

Freshmen pack too many things.

Freshmen want to move their whole house in with them. I was guilty of it when I was a freshman too. Freshmen tend to buy out the entire school supplies aisle, and bring it with them. They have a dozen bath towels, twenty packs of notebook paper. You name it, they've got a ton of it. Cut them some slack, they're just trying to be prepared.

Seniors pack super light.

Seniors know what they really need, what they just kind of want to bring, and what they won't even touch during the semester. They know that if they forgot something and really need it, they can always buy it later. As long as they've got their laptop, headphones, and some comfy clothes for morning classes, they're good.

Freshmen try to make friends with everyone on their hall.

Freshman are often trying to reinvent their identities when they come to college. There's nothing wrong with that, but it often means that they don't know who they fit in with yet. Therefore, they give out their numbers to everyone on their hall. They go to hall parties. They want to know everyone.

Seniors know everyone, except the freshmen.

In most cases, the seniors already know or know of everyone on their hall, except the freshmen. They've probably had classes with the other students, met them at a campus activity, or at least seen them around on campus. So, the seniors may go hang out in a friends room, but they're not trying to get noticed. They're probably hiding from the freshmen. (No offense!)

Freshmen want to explore campus on move in day.

Freshmen want to see what lies beyond their room. They want to walk around the public spaces, and get a feel for the campus. You'll probably see them all over the campus green, coffee shop, and any other hangout. They can't be confined.

Seniors head straight to their place.

Seniors don't explore much. They know the place like the back of their hands. They either go straight to their room, to their friend's room, or to their normal hang out. They know what the campus has to offer, and they'd rather just chill on move in day.

Regardless of whether you're a freshman, a senior, or somewhere in between move in day is a chore that starts off a year full of opportunities. So, from a senior to all the freshmen out there who are moving in: Welcome to college. It's going to be the craziest four years of your life. And before you know it, it will be senior move in day for you too.