So you have done it. You have put in all the effort and hard work in high school to get to this point. You finally committed to Saint Mary's and now the day has come, move-in day! You are super excited but also nervous for what lies ahead.

You have now completed six trips up the elevator with your parents. You are exhausted but can't help but wonder what this new adventure will be like. You get most of the day to set up your room exactly the way you want it. Everything is in place, your fridge is working, and you have met your room mate. After getting your room keys, your id, and a million papers on what to do next, you are settled in your room and just want to take a nap, right?

Wrong! Your weekend is full of activities and different things to do! Most of the clubs will take this move in weekend to meet you. This means opportunities to meet them and new people! You honestly will make so many new friends and meet a lot of the faculty and staff. Take this time to really get to know your neighbors and be involved in the various activities offered to you.There are plenty of free merchandise, free food, and lots of laughs at the activities you will attend. Just about every night for the next few days there will be something going on. This will be the opportune times to make new friends and connect with people!

You will have many things to do your first day on campus but don't forget the necessities! The pizza in the cafeteria is a must, and after that you have to have a twist cone. You will get the chance to take a little tour around campus, go ahead and take it! You will learn new things and places from it and grow closer to some peer mentors.

This will also be your introduction to the next four years of your life. You will discuss your classes and your career path. This is your home away from home that is here for you. You get to spend this time at your dream school making friends and memories that will last a life time. Saint Mary's is full of many talented, brave, and remarkable women. Move-in day is the day that you add to that group of amazing ladies.