6 Motivational Quotes To Spice Up Your Life
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6 Motivational Quotes To Spice Up Your Life

If you are feeling down and out, take a sip of motivational spice tea and spice up your life.

6 Motivational Quotes To Spice Up Your Life

We all need inspiration from time to time in our daily lives especially when things get a little rough. It's important to clear your mind and reflect on life by reading a couple of these motivational quotes as a reminder. Everything will be okay and you get through whatever that's troubling you.

1. “You cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours.” - Anne Hathaway

This quote is from the Alice Through The Looking Glass movie which was produced by the famous Tim Burton. The quote happens to be one of my favorites. To be totally honest, I personally had to learn this quote the hard way during my last few years in high school and when I started college. Unfortunately, there are a huge number of individuals in this world who believes that they need to please others however, in reality they should be aiming towards pleasing themselves, and improving their lifestyle. Until they learn this concept, they will always be falling short of living their destiny.

2. “Brave girl, choose yourself” - Reuben Holmes, pen name R.H. Sin

R.H. Sin whose real name is Reuben Holmes is an author who has written several books. In my opinion, the real message behind the quote is that a person needs to choose themselves before they select another person when it comes to friendships and/or relationships, and also to be brave. It means that an individual needs to make themselves the number one priority in their lives prior to being involved with others.

3. “Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done.” - Rudy Francisco

My analysis of Mr. Rudy Francisco's quote, is that he is indicating that a person should love themself with such passion that it will project outward so that other individuals around them will see how much they love themselves, and treat them according. This is one of my favorite quotes because it resonates with me on so many levels. This is something that my mother has always drilled into my brother and I when we were younger.

I grew up hearing a quote very similar to Mr. Francisco's quote, and that quote is "You must love yourself first before you love someone else". What do you think he is trying to convey?

4. “Some days I am goddess. Some days I am wild child. And some days I am a fragile mess. Most days I am a bit of all three. But every day, I am here, trying.” - S.C Lourie

Basically this quote is reflecting that an individual may have good days and bad days and a combination of both on some days. It could reflect the personality of an individual who may be struggling with a personality disorder due to the stresses of society. Throughout, it all the individual still has the willpower to try to stay motivated because it states that "But every day, I am here, trying."

5. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” - Zig Ziglar

What Zig Ziglar is stating in this quote is very simple. It means that you have to at least start if you want an opportunity at being great. There are so many individuals who will complain about their lives, yet they will not take the initiative to even lift a finger to get started on a road to self improvement. Therefore, Zig Ziglar's quote is an inspiration to those who lack motivation.

6. “Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction” - K. Bell

I personally believe in this quote! I love it! Because regardless of what the day may have given you, you have to leave that day in your past, therefore, when the next day comes you "Wake up with determination, and you go to bed with satisfaction"! This shows that if you go to bed satisfied, the next morning you will be more inclined to be determined to repeat and/or strive for a better day than you had before.

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