To all of the Christmas lovers looking for their final push of motivation,

Christmas time is one of the most wonderful times of the year. From good foods to smiling family members there are few greater things than Christmas vacation. The most wonderful thing of them all is the month off of school without work. Unfortunately, to get to this break, we must first get through the most dreaded time of the exams.

As you return from Thanksgiving and begin to reacclimate to school life once again the excitement of winter break is looming on the horizon. Don't lose sight of the entire semester. There are many ways to work your holiday spirit into your final exam preparations.

Spruce Up Your Study Time With Holiday Cheer

Whether it be a holiday candle or a Christmas playlist, not all study time has to be dull. Make use of the time you do have and feel motivated to study by the many good things to come. Maybe if you're lucky you can talk a family member into sending some holiday treats as well.

Decorate Your Space

Dorm rooms and even some small apartments can be extremely depressing. Take an afternoon and decorate the space you're living in, if you feel full of Christmas cheer every time you step into your room, you will feel more motivated to make it through exams spring head first into the holiday season.

Change Up Your Study Locations

Studying in the same place every single day can be extremely exhausting. Change it up a bit and try to study at a local coffee shop or maybe even in a hotel lobby. As crazy as it sounds, this change of scenery can ensure you stay focused on the task at hand. In my experience, the winter decorations and holiday music in a coffee shop or hotel motivate me to get cozy and knock out some work.

Give Yourself A Break To Prep

Drowning yourself in work is not good for anyone. Take a break from studying and plan out a few Christmas presents. After all, there is no better stress relief than Amazon shopping. Returning home from school a week before Christmas can feel extremely overwhelming, especially if you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet. Get ahead and you'll be way more likely to spend your extra time prepping for your exams.

Volunteer Your Time In Your School Community

It can be really easy to remove yourself from your college community around the holidays but it is important to remember that this too, is your community. Spend a few hours over the weekend giving back and donating your time to causes at school. This serves as a great reminder to be grateful for where you are and why you're there.

Being away from home around the holidays can be extremely challenging. For many, after returning from Thanksgiving it can be easy to feel super unmotivated to prepare for exams. As you dive into a week of tests and stress, remember what a great break is right around the corner, you'll be glad you prepared so well.