If you were to ask me what the greatest feeling in the world is, I wouldn't give you some sappy answer like love or being surrounded by my loved ones. I would tell you that the absolute best feeling is feeling motivated. Feeling like you are on top of the world and can literally do and create anything.

I don't get to experience this feeling often and I know many, many people lack this feeling as well. Our motivation gets trampled by life and we continue to let be suffocated because we're too busy to even think about it. We aren't motivated. We're just going through the motions to get to some end goal that seems way too far away.

I have goals and I know you have them too. Remember what it felt like that moment you decided to conquer that goal? You were going to get a college education. You were going to write a book. You were going to travel the world. You felt excited and your blood was pumping. Didn't that feel amazing? That feeling is something we should feel on a daily basis because this life can get hard and when we forget why we're playing the game, the game seems pointless.

I want you to remember why you started. Let that motivate you and drive you forward. Whether you chose this goal or were thrown into it, I want you to remember what go you to this point in your life and I want you to remember why you're doing it. You might be a college senior and a few semesters away from being the first in your family to earn a college education. You might be a marathon runner a few strides away from running that race. You might be a mom raising a toddler and are about to watch this beautiful child grow up.

Let the obstacles and hardships motivate you because you've got this. Let every bad day and every pointless moment drive you forward because, in the end, it will be worth it. Motivate the madness and propel yourself towards that end goal.

This may all sound cheesy and resemble a blurb on the back of a motivational hardcover sold at Target, but I want you to know this because I want you to conquer those goals. Semesters are hard. Raising children is hard. Working is hard. Life is hard.

However hard it may be, you've got this and once you are at the end, every crappy moment and every stressed-out, tear-streaked breakdown will be worth it because you did it. You will get there.

Motivate your madness babe.