A Thank You To My Mother

Having a mother that you can also call your best friend is a very special situation in life. Fortunately for me, that is the circumstance in my case. My mother has been not only my best friend, but my number one fan in everything that I have done and still continue to do. My entire life I have been an athlete including gymnastics, soccer, softball, and basketball. I played in a few different leagues for softball and basketball all year around, I am thinking back to those years and one thing that is a constant was my mom was at every game. No matter how hot it was outside or how cold it was outside she would sit through every game. No matter how much sleep she has lacked or how much time she had to take off of work she was always in the stands cheering me on. My mother is the type of mom that I can say absolutely nothing to and she can tell that my heart is breaking or I am about to lose my head. Unlike other mothers, she helped me. She helped me get through the most difficult times of my life. Every time I thought I had nobody to run to my mother was waiting with open arms. I really want her to know that I appreciate every tear she wiped away from my face and every time she caught me before I fell too hard. There has been countless times even at 20 that she has taken excellent care of me when I am sick or when I just cannot get in the groove of the day. I do not partake in athletics anymore, but she is still my number one fan in everything else I am currently pursuing. I can always count on her for countless shopping trips, hours of talking, and thousands of car rides blasting music and singing along. My mom has protected me so many times when I had no idea that I was in any danger to begin with. No, our relationship is not perfect, we argue just like normal people. However, I could not ask for a better mom. I have the luxury of having an inspiring, beautiful, and irreplaceable mother whom I love more than anything.

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