44 People Tell What They're Doing For Mother's Day — Since We're All Struggling In A Pandemic
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44 People Tell What They're Doing For Mother's Day — Since We're All Struggling In A Pandemic

A basic "Happy Mother's Day" Insta post isn't going to be enough this year.

44 People Tell What They're Doing For Mother's Day — Since We're All Struggling In A Pandemic

Mother's Day is May 10th and even though we're all stuck in a pandemic, that doesn't mean we can't still do some great things for and with our amazing moms. I, like many others, have been struggling to come up with something to do for our amazing mothers for Mother's Day this year.

Out of a desperate attempt for ideas, I went to Instagram, Twitter, and 4 different Facebook groups asking everyone what they wanted if they were mothers, and what they were doing for their mothers for this Mother's Day. Over three-hundred people answered and even though we may in a pandemic, and these may only be the top forty-four, the replies really will warm your hearts and spark some ideas for your own Mother's Day celebrations.

1. Spend time with her

You have no idea how many moms answered saying they just wanted to spend quality and non-arguing time with their children.

2. Make and bring her breakfast in bed

3. Clean the house

4. Clean the yard

5. Paint her a meaningful painting

6. Cross-stitch her something meaningful and frame it

7. Make her a fancy dessert 

8. Make her a dessert (or meal) that is specifically for her diet

A lot of moms are on keto, sugar-free, dairy-free, etc., so try making something that is specifc for that.

9. Order a dessert from a local restaurant

10. Order her favorite meal from her favorite restaurant

11. Then have a Zoom dinner with her

12. Pick up her favorite (or any) flowers

13. Have her favorite (or any) flowers delivered to her from a local flower shop

14. Buy her favorite T.V. show on DVD

Even though we all live on Netflix and Hulu, a lot of moms still don't.

15. Order an e-giftcard for her to get her hair or nails done after quarantine

16. Or give her a DIY manicure and pedicure

17. Buy her some of her favorite skincare products

18. Host an at-home-experience for brunch and mimosas

19. Make her a basket of homemade cocktails 

20. Buy her favorite wine for her

And definitely more than one bottle.

21. Cook her favorite food for her

22. Buy a digital photo album and fill it with pictures

23. Or buy and make her an actual photo album with real pictures in it 

25. Split the cost of a new home appliance with your siblings

27. Have some edible arangements delivered

28. Order personalized necklace

These can be shipped in one to three days!

29. Buy her a roomba

30. Have an at-home spa day together

31. Pack and take a picnic togther

32. Write her a handwritten letter 

33. Actually say "thank you" 

I gurantee you don't say it enough.

34. Have an at-home photoshoot 

Have a backdrop set up, let her get dressed up, and take some bomb photos of your mom!

35. Buy her some flowering plants and plant them for her

36. Or buy her some pots and dirt and help her plant them too

37. Buy an oil diffuser and some essential oils

Being a mom is rough, especially during a pandemic.

38. Buy her a new book and have a digital ongoing book club together

39. Have Shari's Berri'es delivered

Almost all moms LOVE chocolate covered strawberries.

41. And maybe do some crocheting with her

43. Pay one of her bills

44. Giftcards to Hobby Lobby or Etsy

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