Things I Learned From Mom When She Thought I Wasn't Looking
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Things I Learned From Mom When She Thought I Wasn't Looking

The greatest acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness.

Things I Learned From Mom When She Thought I Wasn't Looking

My Mother taught me so many things in life, such as how to tie my shoes, how to brush my hair, how to share, how to be kind to others, how to pray, how to be honest, how to laugh, how to forgive, and so on. But these were all things she knew she was teaching me. All of these lessons were a Mother raising her daughter, but my Mother taught me double the things she meant to by just being the woman she is.

She taught me how to love and treat everyone equally, to never love someone less just because they did not have all of the things I have. She has always loved everyone for their hearts, not their status or the material things they possessed. Because of watching her I learned to love everyone despite what they could do for me and to treat everyone with the same amount of kindness, respect and love. I learned to treat the maintenance workers at school just as well as I treated the Principal, the poor man just as well as the rich man, the cashier at Kroger just as well as the president at the bank. I've watched her my whole life be genuinely kind to people from all walks of life. My Mother does not see social status, popularity or background. She just sees a person, and she loves the person for who they are on the inside- not what they can or cannot do for her.

She taught me that we are all equal and that we all deserve to be loved and treated well no matter what we have or don't have or what we can or cannot bring to the table.

She taught me how to be selfless. I, in all of my 20 years, have never once witnessed her commit a selfish act. She has always done for my sister and I before she would do for herself. She puts our wants before her needs, and she does it without complaint, recognition, or bitterness. It is what she feels her “Motherly" duty is, and she wants to give her family everything she can, so sacrifice is how that gets done some days.

She taught me that being a selfish person in this world may get you farther but being selfless will be more rewarding, and by seeing all of her selfless acts for others I have learned to try to do for others before I do for myself every chance I get.

She taught me how to be giving. I cannot count the times I have witnessed her doing small acts of kindness like sticking little happies in the mailbox with notes reading, “For our sweet mail lady." Or the amount of times I have watched her purchase Christmas presents for those around her simply because, “They have had a really rough year." At her former place of work, I would watch complete strangers come in and say they were broke down, had a flat, out of gas or hungry and there she would go pulling out her purse to purchase them some food or gas, or her cell phone to call a body shop to get their vehicle back on the road.

She taught me to give without worrying about if I will be given back to. To give willingly to those who need it and those who don't simply because I have the ability to do so.

She taught me to always make others feel special even if I don't. There have been so many days I have seen her at her worst, stressed with life, work, or sickness. Yet there she was trying to lift someone else up, doing her best to make someone else have a better day. I guess this goes back to her selflessness. I have witnessed her continue to be the kind lady she is to those around her who don't recognize or chose not to recognize, or appreciate the true jewel she is. Others actions against her do not affect how she treats them, she just keeps on loving them.

She taught me that I have the power to make another person's day and that I should use that power every chance that I get, no matter how awful my day has been. My Mother never fails to make my day every single day with inspirational texts, random phone calls, remembering little details I have told her, being a listening ear, etc., and because of her I attempt to make someone else's day every single day, every chance I get.

She taught me how important and worthy I am. I think this one she might have known she was teaching me, but it's still worth the mention. On so many occasions she has reminded me of who I was when things of this world almost made me forget. She has never failed to tell me how beautiful I am, not just on the outside, but more importantly the inside. She reminds me daily of all the characteristics that I obtain that she loves, the morals I hold true that she values, and the special young lady that I am that she is proud to call her daughter.

She taught me how to be a great daughter, sister, Christian, best friend, future wife, and mom, but most importantly she taught me how to be a genuine, exceptional person.

Mom, I have learned more from you than I could ever type, and it was all from you just living your life and being the person you are. So thank you for your heart, and thank you for your unwavering love.

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