My mom always tells me how when I was born I wouldn't stop crying till I was in her arms. I guess that goes to show how attached I am to my mother. I've told many people in my life that the one person that I can't imagine living my life without is my mother. It sounds so cliche, but my mom is my best friend. If you have ever told me anything, there is a 95% chance that I told my mom about it.

I love my mom with all of my heart, but I have never taken the time out of my day to tell her how much I love her. So, in honor of mother's day, I thought that dedicating this article to her would be the perfect place to start.

My mother, without a doubt, is the strongest woman that I know. Coming to America, my mother was relatively young and didn't know much English, like most immigrants. Despite all of this, my mother pushed herself and learned English to be able to do everything she wanted and needed to do independently. While she always had my dad and my sister to lean on to do things, my mother was always the woman who wanted to be able to do everything independently. She doesn't sit around and wait for someone to do things for her, she gets up, rolls her sleeves up and does it herself.

My mother is the most supportive parent that I've ever met. Never once in my life did she force me to do anything that I didn't want to. She has never discouraged me from trying to achieve my dreams and my aspirations, regardless of how silly and stupid they were. She always encouraged me to find my true passion and my real purpose in life, and she has supported me every step along the way. My mother has always believed in me, even in moments where I didn't believe in myself.

My mother has the most childlike innocence that makes her even more fabulous. She gets her happiness from simple things like seeing her garden filled with plants and flowers or when she finishes whatever big project she's working on at the moment. She's always the first one to get on the dance floor and the last one to leave it. She's always living in the moment, enjoying and cherishing every moment of life, and that is one other thing that I adore about her.

My mother spreads happiness wherever she goes. Her smile makes any stressful day turn into a happy one. There's not a day in my house that my mom isn't joking around and spreading joy. Her presence makes everything light up. Even when I'm having the worst day, just laying on her lap or sitting next to her will ease all of my worries.

My mother is also the most patient person that I know. God knows how annoying my sister and I are. We are the most frustrating people that I know. Yet, mother showers us with love and care every single day, for that, I am beyond grateful.

I genuinely do not know where I would be today without my mother. She is nothing less than an angel sent straight from Heaven. I am beyond blessed to be able to call such a brave, compassionate, talented, independent and all-around amazing person my mother. I love you Ma!