Parenthood is the toughest job on this planet. It requires the least amount of experience and still manages to be the most thought provoking and difficult career path one can take a stroll down. That being said, just because you mothered a child, does not qualify you as a mother. Being a mother is making the decision to keep a child and even on their worst day, never give them back, even if they color with crayons all over your walls or cut your brand new comforter with a pair of scissors while wrapping Christmas presents (SORRY MOM). Being a mom is a choice to love a child and care for them until you physically can't anymore. As hard as it is to take in discipline as the wrongdoer, it is even harder to dish it out. As much as it feels like she is in the moment, moms don't make their decisions to ruin your life, they choose to not allow you to be a menace to society. As much as we don't like to believe it, mothers are ALWAYS right.

Your mother is always right because she has been in your shoes. No matter what decision you are making, be aware that your mom has already made it and reaped the consequences. When your mom tries to ban you from hanging out with that friend or tells you to stop talking to that boy it is because she has been there and she knows how this ends. The girl stabs you in the back and the boy stabs you in the heart (metaphorically, of course), there is nothing more your mother wants than to avoid any hurt that could possibly hit their children. So when you think your mom can't relate and that she just doesn't understand take a step back and realize that she might be the best source of advice even if you don't want to confide in her, you should at least take a chance. As you grow up you will slowly start to understand, your mom is always on your side, she is actually your biggest fan. When the going gets tough the tough run to mom, at least I do.