10 Apps You Need To Download Before College

10 Apps You Need To Download Before College


It's absurd how many times I have to explain a new app to a bunch of high schoolers. In college, you use so many apps that you never used in high school. You download more and more social media apps, and delete more and more stupid games you once played. Assuming you already have basic apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, the following list includes musts for your college experience.


Whether you are involved with Greek life, a church group, campus organization, or a big friend group, you will be using this app more than you can imagine. GroupMe allows you to organize group messages with tons of cool features. I leave my phone alone for about 10 minutes, and I come back to 253 GroupMe notifications. It can get annoying (blame your friends for that, though), but it is super helpful and enjoyable.


YikYak is an app directly made for college students who can post anonymously. Posts are compiled and sorted geographically, so you can only post and comment on your college's posts. However, you can "peek" on other campuses to see what funny things are going on elsewhere. This app is consistently good for a quick laugh, or keeping up with campus events.


Most people are catching on to Spotify, but almost every college student has become a "premium member." iTunes becomes too expensive and inconvenient when you are on a budget. Spotify only costs $5.00 a month for students and allows you to listen to almost every artist (not Taylor Swift, unfortunately) without ads or interruptions.


This app is a little less known, but it is one of my favorites. Rapchat is every hoodrat's dream. You pick a beat (typically 30 seconds to a minute long), freestyle your rhymes, send it to friends, and save it to your gallery. You have to hear me rap on this really cool app, take a seat in my lap, and take a nap. Be right back, I need to go record my mixtape.


Timehop is the app I check every morning when I wake up. When you're away from your friends from back home, it's good to be reminded of previous experiences you shared from years past. Timehop takes a tour of "this day in your social media history" and compiles it on one page so you can relive your high school life.


This app is more of a joke. Kik is a quick messaging app that accesses other people through usernames instead of phone numbers. I advise people not to download it unless they are looking for a quick hookup, but females: be prepared for creepy guys asking for your Kik.


Now, we veer away from social media. Easybib is an awesome tool that helps cite sources for your papers. On the iPhone, all you have to do is scan the book's barcode and Easybib takes it from there. It's not always 100 percent accurate, but it sure helps.


Face it. You're getting older and you'll be searching for jobs soon. LinkedIn is a great way to make connections, build a resume, and show employers why you should be hired.


Venmo is a lot like Paypal, but adds to the social media experience. In this app, you can payback friends for a meal, receive checks from employers, or pay your rent. Venmo hooks up with your bank account and communicates with it daily. You can also view, like, and comment on your friends' expenses.


Slingbox is another less-known app, but it may be my most-used app when I'm at college. At my house off campus, my roommates and I do not pay for cable because of Slingbox. Basically, you buy a box that hooks up to your home cable box (I use my parents' house) and connects it over Wifi/data and takes it to your laptop/phone/TV wherever you are. Although it's about $300, I can watch every channel that my parents have and I don't have to pay monthly fees for cable.

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