"The Bachelor" franchise has been around for years now. I have just recently began watching it and now I'm madly in love. I started with Ben Higgins' season at season 20. I absolutely loved the drama the show created and The Bachelor himself, Ben. Everyone I've talked to or read on "The Bachelor" fan pages all say the same thing, "He's so boring." I thought differently; I thought he was the best and my eyes were glued to him. Five reasons why I thought Ben Higgins was the best Bachelor ever.

1. He seems so real.

I fell madly in love with Ben Higgins because he seemed so genuine to me. I felt that he honestly cared about finding love and the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. I thought he really cared about each and every girl on the show. Ben also cried on the show. As a man, the stereotype is that men don't cry and the fact that he did on national television shows that he does care.

2. He respects people.

Women and men, Ben always responded with care and thought put in his words. He treated people how should be treated, with respect.

3. He wasn't there to cause any drama.

With reality television, there always has to be drama. While there was drama between the contestants (Olivia), Ben wasn't there to cause drama. He genuinely listened to each side of every problem and gave a thoughtful response. Every time he let a girl go, he actually seemed like he was upset that she was gone.

4. He's not perfect.

Ben came on the show believing that he was "unloveable." He ended up falling madly in love and told two women, Jojo and Lauren B, that he loved them both. Definitely a mistake to tell two people that he loved them but he's not perfect.

5. He's a mama's boy.

Just watching the way he and his mom interact with each other, it is clear that he loves his mama. Boys that love their mama are usually the sweetest, kindest, and most thoughtful guys in the world. I speak from experience.

Ben Higgins might have had a "boring" season but by far not boring. He is truly out to look for love and lucky for him, he found it. Nice guys like him are the best guys.

Now that The Bachelorette with Jojo is down to the final four guys, Chase, Luke, Jordan, and Robby, let's talk about who were the nice guys of the season. Clearly, Derek, James Taylor, and Wells have all of the qualities that make respectable men just like Ben Higgins. They are by far the sweetest guys that Jojo ever got the chance to know. They are not your typical meat-head guys, they are humble and happy guys. It's too bad that Jojo let them go.