The 5 Strongest Mortals In "Dragonball Super"
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The 5 Strongest Mortals In "Dragonball Super"

These guys have made their mark in Dragonball History

The 5 Strongest Mortals In "Dragonball Super"
Phát Hữu

"Dragonball Super" has been over for quite a while, however, the franchise is far from dead. A movie is coming soon on December 14th and many fans believe it will be the return of "Dragonball Super." In the world of Dragonball, there are many mortals whose power seems to be quite spectacular. If you count out the Gods, then these five, in my opinion, are definitely the strongest in the whole Dragonball multiverse world.

5. Anilaza

A fused fighter near the climax in the Tournament of Power, this giant pushed some of the main characters like Goku, Gohan and Vegeta as well as their teammates to the limit and forced them to work together and defeat him.

4. Toppo

A new character that was introduced in the franchise during the Tournament of Power Arc, Toppo is the leader of the Pride Troopers. Although at first glance, he seems weak, don't be fooled, he happens to be a candidate for being a God of Destruction in the universe which he lives. His transformation enables him to harness a technique only a God of Destruction can do: Hakai. It allows him to disintegrate anything or anyone. It does, however, take time to charge.

3. Vegeta

Son Goku's main rival and prince all the fallen Saiyan race. Longtime fans of this franchise know about Vegeta always trying to catch up to Goku, but, in this series, there are cases where he was equal to him and, in the Tournament of Power, he unlocks a new form that enables him to defeat Toppo and his devastating Hakai attack.

2. Jiren

Another new character introduced in the Tournament of Power Arc, Jiren was another member of Toppo's Pride Trooper. Before he was introduced on screen, rumors swelled across the multiverse that there lives a mortal that not even its own God of Destruction can defeat, later on it was revealed that he is that mortal. Throughout the arc, he easily overwhelmed some of the top fighters in the multiverse like Goku, Vegeta, Hit and Frieza. It was only after a combined effort between Goku and Freiza, along with another fighter; Android 17 to take down Jiren.

1. Son Goku (Ultra Instinct)

The main character of this franchise, Goku, throughout the years has overcome many obstacles and now he has finally reached the top of the mountain among the mortals as the strongest. His new form 'Ultra Instinct' has made him more powerful than even Jiren, a man who dominated most of the fighters in the Tournament of Power in "Dragonball Super."

Once the movie comes out in December, fans can expect more powerful adversary that Goku and his friends meet, until then we wait.

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